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Saturday:) Sights and Sounds and a Sunset

18 Dec

“For what is the gift of the poet and the artist except to see the sights which others cannot see and hear the sounds that others cannot hear.”



It’s always fun to to see new sights and hear new sounds in new places. This is my first Christmas visiting the family in their new house, I didn’t make it last year because of the crazy Covid curse.

An evening walk strolling past the Northbrook City Hall.
You can almost hear the cannon fire.
We were playing guess the picture. This is the picture of Grandma’s brain.
The girls decorating cookies.
My evening sunset, walking with the dog.

Happy Saturday, my friends.

Saturday:) Special Sights and Sounds and a Sunset

21 Nov

“For what is the gift of the poet and the artist except to see the sights which others cannot see, and to hear the sounds that others cannot hear.”



My day was filled with wonderful sights and sounds. A beautiful morning, a messy kitchen, and a lovely early evening walk. Here where the sights and sounds come in.

On my walk, I saw this butterfly struggling on the sidewalk by the pond. I reached down to touch him to see if he would fly away. He flapped his wings, but it appeared his back legs were stuck to the pavement. Oh no! I carefully loosened the immobile legs. He still didn’t fly away.
I couldn’t just leave him there to be stepped on or gobbled up by a passing puppy, so I picked him up and carefully placed him in the nearby grass. I hope he can mend and survive. Maybe I’ll check on him tomorrow.

As I proceeded down the street, the setting sun was glowing in the west, and the horses across the street were grazing in their pasture.

Just horsin’ around.
The huge orange orb was descending.
A spectacular gift.

Happy Saturday, my friends.

Wednesday:) What Wondrous Sights and Sounds

26 Aug

“It’s amazing all the sights and sounds you will encounter if you get out of bed before noon. Just sayin’ for a friend.🤦‍♀️”

I actually went to bed before midnight last night. That doesn’t happen often. My eyes opened somewhere after 7 am, and I got myself moving by 7:30. I decided that it would be a good idea to get a morning walk in before the treacherous Texas heat swooped in. Then, I could walk a little in the morning and a little at night.

The morning moon was still shining in the sultry blue sky.
The birds were chirping and this little squirrely fella kept pace with me just a few feet ahead for a block or two. Maybe he was a squirrel scout.
I stopped to take a rest under a shady tree before making a couple more loops around the pond. A little white butterfly fluttered by my hands for a while, so close that I could almost touch it.

My evening walk was just as rewarding with a fiery evening sunset. It was a lot warmer than this morning.

My feline friend, Sammi, always runs to greet me on my walks.

Well, I was pretty proud of my walking activity today. So many sights and sounds.

I haven’t done 5 miles in a while. Oh no! I may have to get up early all the time! NAH! That ain’t gonna happen. 🤦‍♀️

Another Sunless Saturday:) Sights and Sounds to Lift Your Spirits

24 Jan

“On this dark dreary Saturday, I discovered there is NO beautiful sunset without a sun. But, there’s still beauty all around.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Yuk! Another drab and dreary day here in North Texas. I hadn’t poked my nose out of the house since Thursday, not even to get the mail. So, today, I mustered up all my mustard… (play on words) and dragged my sorry butt out for a walk.

It was dark and misty at 5pm, usually my amazing sunset photo time. But, I didn’t let it get me down. I decided to see what other beautiful and glorious sights and sounds might lift my spirits. I was not disappointed.

Across the street from the pond, two beautiful horses were out grazing in the pasture. Maybe it’s a pasture, or maybe it’s just the front yard of the old farmhouse where a recently constructed road skims across the once open field. I remember seeing these horses when they were just newly born, romping around, then flopping down in the tall grass next to their mommas.

After making around 5 or 6 loops around the pond, I stopped at a bench to just breathe in the misty air and appreciate the birds flying by. Then, up again for a few more loops.

This bare tree was an inspiration for a few lines of a poem that rattled around in my brain. (TBA)

I even reveled in the artistic beauty of this rusty storm sewer cover that I cross paths with hundreds of times on my walks. There is beauty every where if you only open your eyes.

Happy Saturday, my friends.

Saturday:) Sights and Sounds

11 Oct

“Everyday is a feast for the eyes, with soothing sounds for the ears, and sights for the soul.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Whenever I’m not sure what to write about, I just take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood and just take in all the sights and sounds of nature.

Just a couple of blocks away, there are horses grazing in a field.

The sunset sizzles in the western sky.

The pond glistens and reflects the fiery sky.

Then, a quiet beckoning bench before the night sky dims and fades to grey.

A very nice Saturday. Now, time to put my feet up and watch a little Notre Dame Football. Go Irish!!!! ☘️

Saturday:) Sights and Sounds Abound

20 Sep

“When the soul looks out of its body, it should see only beauty in its path. These are the sights we must hold in mind, in order to move to a higher place.”

~Yusuf Lateef


Everyone knows I’m “amazing,” but I still find myself amazed at the wonders I find along my walks. I’m not talking about glorious Colorado mountains or sunset in Paris. I’m talking about the glorious sights and sounds found right in my little neighborhood, right here on the path that I walk every day, every week, and every year for over six years. Every day is a new adventure, a new canvas of wonder.

This lonesome crane stood at the edge of the pond for the longest time. Either he was waiting for a fish to surface or he was doing what I was doing, enjoying the peaceful scenery and the glorious morning. I like to think the latter.

A welcoming bench with a welcoming view. Birds chirping in the tree tops.

Bountiful, colorful flowers along the way.

A lucky feather for faith.

An orange glowing sunset that just didn’t capture the magnificent colors nor get full justice from my iPhone camera. It was spectacular.

A splendid Saturday full of awesome sights and sounds.

Saturday:) Sights, Sounds, and St. Gabriel’s Holiday Boutique.

4 Nov

“Set your sights high, the higher the better. Expect the most wonderful things to happen, not in the future but right now. Realize that nothing is too good. Allow absolutely nothing to hamper you or hold you up in any way.”

~Eileen Caddy


A beautiful Saturday, cool, breezy, sunny, morning. I took little Bella for a walk. She loves the cool weather, and prances like a pup on these days.

We walk around the pond, and sometimes we see the horses across the street.

Later in the afternoon, I went over to the St. Gabriel Holiday Boutique. Before going in, the Knight of Columbus men were selling tamales as their fundraiser. I said I’d get a dozen on the way out, but they said they only had seven dozen left out of the 180 they started with. Naturally, I grabbed one quick. Inside, I checked out to the women’s Club bake sale. Wow! It was only 2 pm, and they were almost sold out. As I was looking at the cakes and pies, a man was purchasing a container of brownies. As he took out his $15, I chimed in, ” Wow, I hear those are fantastic brownies!” The lady behind the table said, “Did you bake these?” I told her I had, and they were fantastic. We all smiled. I think all the containers I took over got sold quickly.

There were a lot of wonderful crafters and vendors there. I ran into Miss Bonita right away, and she said it was crazy busy all day. The best part was bumping into friends.

When I got home, I got a call from my sister. We chatted a while, then I went for another walk. The clouds started rolling in and the wind kicked up. Mr. Larry and Miss Sandy were sitting in their garage, so of course, I had to stop for a beer and catch up on neighborhood gossip and political mayhem. It’s been a long time since my last visit.

A good Saturday with so many blessings, so many friends and wonderful sights and sounds.

Saturday:) Sights, Sounds and Sunshine

27 Oct

“Construction of the ARK has been postponed again due to sunshine and beautiful weather here in North Texas.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Yay! The sun is out today, so I sported sunglasses and a t-shirt instead of a raincoat and an umbrella. The kids were all outside playing, giggling in the air, with lawn mowers buzzing, birds chirping, and my favorite part, butterflies escorting me around the neighborhood.

A few blocks away, I crossed the street where I normally don’t cross because a neighbor was mowing his lawn. Oh yah! There in the street was a lucky penny from heaven. I smiled.

About half an hour later, I walked past this beautiful tree bursting with fall colors. The homeowner was getting into his car. I said, “I love your tree.” He thanked me. Isn’t it spectacular!

I love my neighborhood. I love hearing the kids playing and watching the families going about their day. I love talking to people I don’t know, and chatting with friends I’ve made along the way.

Yep, that’s what it’s all about. It’s like the “Hokey Pokey.”


Saturday:) Sights and Sounds

30 Apr

man has an irrepressible tendency to read meaning into the buzzing confusion of sights and sounds impinging on his senses; and where no agreed meaning can be found, he will provide it out of his own imagination.
Arthur Koestler


As I sit and write, the wind is howling and the trees are swaying with an erratic salsa beat.  Must be my Latin blood. The skies are a threatening grey mass outside my window. 

Fortunately, the morning and afternoon were warm with only intermittent clouds. The news said the storms and hail would be rolling in this evening…here they are.

I decided to get a double dose of walking in this afternoon. Instead of one zip-zagging loop around the neighborhood, I took two loops, about 90 minutes. My first fun sighting was a lucky feather on a neighbor’s lawn. Just waiting there for me.

I also have this thing with butterflies, they keep following me around, they greet me outside my door, flying past my face, or landing near my feet. I think that’s a good omen. Right?

Then, a lovely lady bug crossed my path. Good luck all around.

On my walk, I stopped a few minutes to chat with neighbors here and there…thus the 90 minutes. On the last leg of my walk, and my last leg of energy, a few drops of rain plopped on my head, so I walked really fast. But, it disappeared.

I decided that if the storm was going to hold off a while, I’d scurry over to church and light a candle and go to Reconciliation at 3:30 (Confession- in Catholic talk) 

The first glow of a candle under the painting of St. Joseph. It was a good day…”spent with the sights and sounds of beauty, the contemplation of mystery, and the search of truth.”

Saturday:) Sights and Sounds

8 May

“It is good people who make good places.” ― Anna Sewell, Black Beauty


I’ve mentioned before, many times, that I love walking around my neighborhood. I don’t use headphones to listen to music. That would distract me from the sounds of the ducks quacking, the horses winny, and the laughter of children in the park. I need my sights and my sounds every day. Then, it’s always fun to stop and chat with a familiar neighbor, or say hello to a stranger. That’s how strangers become familiar friends.

Here are a few sights from my walk. Imagine the sound of the “whoosh” from the hot air ballon and all the neighborhood dogs going nuts and barking at the strange orbs in the sky. Beauty all around, every day.