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Friday:) Flags, Food, and Fluffy Clouds

30 Jul

“The morning sky revealed a brilliant glow of optimism, rebuking the dark and menacing clouds.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


“And from the midst of cheerless gloom

I passed to bright unclouded day.” 

― Emily Brontë


It was Texas hot this morning. The skies were threatening rain, but the sun broke through and won the challenge. It’s always nice to see the sun, but the clouds and rain always mean a slight cool off in temperature. No such luck today. On the other hand, the sky was amazing this morning.

Clouds always impress me with their beauty and fortitude. 

Another impressive sight, flags flapping in the breeze. 

Then, a delicious lunch. I love spinach. It could be that my body craves it because I’m very low on iron, even taking supplements. I could eat spinach every day, and most times I do. 

Throw on an avacado, tomato, some cheese, not to mention a few toasted left over bread sticks from Olive Garden. A meal made in vegetarian heaven. Wait! I’m not even a vegetarian!