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Thankful Thursday and Mr. Dan

30 Nov

“Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.”

~Dennis Prager


This is an oldie but a goodie story that I share every year about this time. It all started several years ago, maybe six or seven, maybe more.An artist friend called me and said an elderly gentleman was looking for an artist that could paint on porcelain or China. And I quote, ” The elderly gentleman had an artist who painted bluebonnets on a white porcelain gift for his wife for Christmas every year.He has been giving his wife this gift for fifty years. She passed away, but he wants to continue having this gift made.”

Well, my hear was aching. The poor man misses his wife and wants to continue the tradition. I called Mr. Dan and agreed to meet with him to see if I could help. We met at Snug, and he brought a few examples of previous projects. Yep, I could do that.

I found a beautiful white glass gift box at an antique store, painted and inscribed on the bottom per his request, to Sue Love Dan, I called Mr. Dan a week later to tell him the project was finished and we could meet. We met at Chicken Express for the exchange, as he was on his way to the square. I gave him the gift and he loved it, I melted with sadness for his loss.

He thanked me, took out his wallet and asked how much he owed me, I said, “One big hug. I refuse to take your money.” He thanked me profusely and said, “Sue is going to love it. She’s at her sister’s today, so I can hide it before she gets home.”

Ahhhh, the lightbulb went of over my head. His wife hadn’t passed away, but rather the artist who painted the gift every year.

So now, every year, I get a call from Mr. Dan, and I tell my friends, ” Well, I’ve gotta paint some bluebonnets for Mr. Dan’s dead wife who isn’t really dead.”

And every year, Mr. Dan takes out his wallet and tries to pay me. I get my payment of a big hug and a thank you.

Today, I delivered his gift to his house. Here he is putting it in his truck to hide from Sue until Christmas. One of my favorite stories.