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Saturday:) Snicker Peanut Butter Pie, Oh My

24 Nov

When the day is cool and the sun is high

It’s the perfect day for a Snicker pie.

There is nothing in the world that good food cannot fix.”

― Kevin kwan


A cool sunny morning called for a creative day. I took a nice brisk walk, enjoying the beautiful fall colors, and time to plan my day.

Helene called to tell me that Denna wanted to invite some of us girls over for pizza and a Hallmark movie tonight. Great! A perfect opportunity to test a new recipe for Snickers and Reese’s peanut butter no bake pie. I had a lot of leftover Halloween candy.

While I walked, the cream cheese was softening on the counter. As soon as I walked in the door, I started the pie production. A Snicker peanut butter pie for my friends at the Fire station tomorrow, and a Reese’s pie for Denna’s today.

2 graham cracker pie crusts, 2packages of cream cheese, 2 tubs of Cool whip, 2 cups powdered sugar, about 1cup peanut butter. (I don’t measure) Blend and scoop 1/2 into each crust. Then, Reese’s peanut butter cups and Snickers cut up cutely for decoration.

I like to make things pretty and be creative. Well, what do you think?

I got to taste the Reese’s pie at Denna’s movie night with the girls. Everyone said it was yummy. I had to agree. The pizza and company was great too. I think my friends at Fire Station 9 will like their Snicker pie tomorrow. What’s not to like? I’ll keep you posted.