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Saturday: Sit Back and Do Something Special

20 Jul

“I think people who are creative are the luckiest people on earth. I know that there are no shortcuts, but you must keep your faith in something Greater than You, and keep doing what you love. Do what you love, and you will find the way to get it out to the world.”

Judy Collins
Another whirlwind of a day. I got up early and walked about three miles, then went to Saturday Zumba at 9:30-10:30. I didn’t have my usual writing group, so Zumba was a special treat. Then, scramble home, shower, straighten the house for a showing, and get out the door by 11 am. Can you say, “Run around like a mad woman?”

I decided to hang out on the Square, have my yummy yogurt parfait at Snug, visit Dana and Judy at Art on the Veranda, and then paint champagne flutes at Sweet Spot and visit with my buddies there.

Painting glassware is one of my favorite creative pastimes. It is so gratifying to take a plain ol’ glass item and turn it into a work of art. I haven’t painted in so long, mostly because I don’t want to make a mess in the house, but really, I just haven’t been motivated. I’ve been wanting to work on a project for a special gift, and I knew that I could grab my paints and go over to Sweet Spot Bakery, and just hang out and paint. (It’s great to have friends everywhere.)

I sat by the front window, painted champagne flutes, chatted with friends, and watched people walk by.

A few hours later, here is the beautiful finished product. Now, do you see why this is so much fun? I’ve painted hundreds, if not thousands of items. I’ve taught many, many people how to paint wine glasses, vases, ornaments, etc., when they thought they couldn’t. (I’m just a darn good teacher.)

(Close up)
Yes, I think creative people are the luckiest people on earth. I’m going to keep doing what I love and find a way to get it out to the world. Art on the Veranda has dozens of my painted glassware items for sale in their shop. They display work of many local artists, and offer many fun jewelry, painting, and creative classes, including my wine glass painting workshop. Somewhere down the line, after I get my act together, I’d like to offer some in-home painting parties. I think it would be fun to have a bunch of girlfriends over, drink wine, eat snacks, and learn to paint your very own wine glasses. . “I’d like to teach the world to paint, in perfect harmony…” You knew there’d be a song in there somewhere, didn’t ya?


Sunday: Sermons, Snug, Sunshine and Swans

24 Feb

Her tongue will not obey her heart, nor can Her heart inform her tongue–the swan’s down-feather That stands upon the swell at full of tide, And neither way inclines.
-William Shakespeare
Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time: The Gospel is taken from St. Matthew (5:38-48). Jesus said to his disciples: “You have heard that it was said, An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But I say to you, offer no resistance to one who is evil. When someone strikes you on your right cheek, turn the other one as well. If anyone wants to go to law with you over your tunic, hand over your cloak as well.

That was today’s gospel and sermon. I don’t claim to be the most devout person in the world, but I thought, and I thought, and I contemplated the sermon, and all I could come up with is, “Easier said than done.” I say no more on the subject,

After Mass, I ventured over to the Square and had the most yummy yogurt parfait at Snug. I ran into Laura Bartlett and coincidentally it was her birthday. Happy birthday, Laura.


She’s not only one of the “Four Funny Females,” comedy group, but she’s cute a s a button.

It was such a sunny sensational day, that I decided to walk around the Square. Miss Elizabeth over at Sweet Spot bakery was working on a wedding cake. Of course, I just make myself at home, walk into the back room, and visit with the talented bakers.

I always try to cram in as many activities into a fabulous sunny day as humanly possible, so I called my friend Chris. We met at Towne Lake park and went for a long walk and talk around the lake. Everyone was put enjoying the day, especially the ducks and swans who appreciated the bread and treats the visitors shared.

Not wanting to see the day end, when I finally arrived back home around 5:30pm, I went out for a brisk walk around the neighborhood before the sun sank slowly in the western sky. (The walk was especially brisk because my neighbor came out to warn me that he saw a couple of bobcats traipsing around.)

Are you thoroughly exhausted just from hearing about my busy day? Yep, me too! Happy Sunday, y’all!

Saturday on the Square

16 Jun

The skies were overcast and the temps only in the 80’s this morning. A slight breeze made it a perfect Texas day. With no plans on my calendar, I headed off to the Square in downtown McKinney. I had a lovely breakfast at Snug, bumped into a few friends, and sat with my iPad, checking emails and Facebook. At 11am, the cutest little singer/songwriter played her guitar and belted out several of her own original songs. She is 13 year old Dori Grace, with the voice of an angel and the schedule of Justin Biener.

Photo: Dori Grace Facebook page

After taking up space for two hours inside Snug, I sat outside and did a little drawing. I often take paper, pencils, watercolors, brushes, etc. when I spend the day on the Square, just in case I get inspired. All the coffee drinkers made me think of coffee cups. Here’s a drawing I started with watercolor pencils. I’ll show you when I finish it.


Then, I did my good deed for the day. As I sat outside, I noticed three men talking by their motorcycles. They were parking their bikes on the striped lines next to a handicap parking spot. I have a dear friend,(you know who you are) who got a $400 parking ticket for parking her bike in the very same spot. So, I walked over and informed the three friends about the possible violation. 3 times $400 would have been a costly $1,200 day on the Square. They were very appreciative and moved their motorcycles down the street.


Now, I’m home watching endless episodes of “Murder She Wrote” on the Hallmark Channel. Oh no! Someone just pushed Jessica down a flight of stairs. Note to self: Never invite Jessica Fletcher over for dinner or visit her in Cabot Cove. Someone always dies, five murders in five hours!


Saturday on the Square

12 May

McKinney was really hopping today. I started out my day at Coffee2 for our weekly writing group that meets at 10am. A new bakery called Sweet Spot opened inside the quaint little coffee shop. Yum!


Afterwards, I walked around, and stopped at Snug on the Square to see if any friends were having lunch. I checked out the art exhibit at the MPAC, scooted over to the Garret Gallery, and went home to feed the dogs and let them out.

Ed Hernandez- “Rain Festival-McKinney 2012 at MPAC

It was Second Saturday and election day results and festivities in the evening. So, after I took care of the dogs and had dinner, I went back to the Square. I ran into dozens of friends and went to several art gallery receptions. McKinney’s art scene is alive and thriving.

Printmaking art show and demonstrations at Orison’s- donated prints auctioned to support CASA.

Photography by Guy Giersch at Laura Moore Fine Art Studios and Pastels by Pernie Fallon


After a lot of visiting with artists and friends, I wandered over to the election countdown. The street was blocked off, tables and chairs were set up, and the candidates and friends waited for the results. Downtown McKinney has such a small town feel and the Square is the place to be.

Mayor Brian Loughmiller was reelected for a second term. Even little Snow White was on hand for the festivities.