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Montage Monday and the Moon Eclipses the Sun

22 Aug

“Every moment is the paradox of now or never.” ― Simon Van Booy


An exciting day. The solar eclipse was on everyone’s mind and television today. I was pretty nervous about the possibility of retinal damage or even blindness, so I was very cautious. I even made sure that little Bella, didn’t go outside, so I walked her a couple of times before 11 am. 

My sister sent me a pair of special solar eclipse watching glasses, but she called to say that they may not be safe. I’m a nervous Nelly, coward, scaredy pants, anyway, so I decided to not go outside and take my chances. 

Here I am being really over the top cautious. I’m watching the eclipse on tv while wearing my special glasses. 

Now, that’s safe! (I’m just kidding, I didn’t wear the glasses to watch tv. Just thought it would be funny.)

Total solar eclipses happen when the Moon completely covers the Sun, and it can only take place when the Moon is near perigee, the point of the Moon’s orbit closest to Earth. You can only see a total solar eclipse if you’re in the path where the Moon’s casts its darkest shadow, the umbra.

Montage Monday on its regular time and Station. A week in a peek.