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Spooky Scary Saturday:) Happy Halloween and a Real Spider

1 Nov

“…I started to realize how many great things could happen by confronting the things that scare you most.” ― David Archuleta, Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance


Halloween is such a fun time for children and adults alike. I’ve always loved it. Yesterday, I baked 4 dozen little mini cupcakes for the neighborhood kids, and now, coming to you live, I’m sitting outside my door with my bowl of candy. It’s after 7 pm. The weather is cool, and the rain has stopped. Perfect trick-or-treating weather. 

I made a few big, full size cupcakes for my writer girlfriends for our morning meeting. 

The kids are coming out in droves now! Cool! So adorable and polite. Did I mention, I love Halloween? 

I thought for sure I’d have enough candy with the big monster size 250 piece bag. Maybe not!

Now, about the SPIDER. I was walking through the park across the street earlier, and I almost walked Mack-dab into this friendly creature, just dangling in what appeared to be mid-air.

Yikes! It was the real deal!