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Thankful Thursday:) Life is Better With Friends

15 Sep

“Life is better with friends, and even better when you make new friends.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis

Proverbs 13:20 ESV / 28 helpful votes

“Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.”


Helene and I went to St. Gabriel Tuesday evening for the Fall opening meeting of the Women’s Club. They are celebrating 20 years as a club. I had joined a few years back, B.C. Before Covid, but I hadn’t been in a while. It was time to get back into the swing. These women are so awesome. What I love about this group is that they are all about giving and sharing, and they do make a difference, as their motto says.

The first hour or so was taken up with registering, checking member info, and a pizza party. Did I mention wine and cannoli?

It was great meeting new people. The thing about Catholics is, basically, you only get to know the folks that go to the same Mass as you do. There are four different Masses, so you only get to see 1/4 of the parishioners. So, joining and becoming involved in other parish groups and ministries gives you a chance to make new friends. After dinner and refreshments, over to the rows of chairs on the other side of the hall for the meeting
Joy Booth, (top left) is president of the group this year, and I have to say, wow! She is so organized and detail oriented. We started out with a fun game where someone held the microphone and said 3 facts about themselves. Anyone who also had one or more of those things in common would stand up. Like, I said, “I was born and raised in Chicago, I’m an artist/writer, and I’m a gramma of two little girls. So, several ladies stood up, and I passed the microphone to one of those standing and the others sit down and start again. That was a fun way to get to know people and a little bit about their lives.
Some of the Officers sharing future plans and activities.
A few ladies sharing their 3 facts.

It was a great evening with the lovely ladies of St. Gabriel Women’s Club. I’m a strong believer of “You become who you associate with.” I am honored to be associated with these wonderful caring women.

I am very thankful for the amazing caring community of St. Gabriel the Archangel. Feeling blessed.