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Tuesday: Terrific Tips and Tricks

3 Sep

A place for everything, and everything in its place.
-Benjamin Franklin
I am so excited about my laundry room storage solution. When I moved into my new house, my pantry space is about 1/4 of the size of my old house, and my cabinet and storage space at least 1/3 or 1/4. So, where do you put everything? Yes, I know…you’re probably thinking, why didn’t you get rid of a lot of stuff. Well, I did! Really, I did! But there were a lot of items near and dear to my heart, and I wasn’t going to give them away. I had 39 years of treasures to pack up and move. That’s a lot of stuff, bit I wasn’t going to lose my treasures. I’ve lost enough.

You can imagine my excitement when I saw the extra space in the laundry room, just off the kitchen. There’s a little alcove underneath the stairwell going upstairs on the other side of the wall. Cool! I had the idea of putting some wire shelves on casters (wheels) in the space. When my friends Lynne and Karen were over, it was suggested that they could fit in sideways and be rolled out for access one at a time. Eureka!

During Matt’s one week visit to help me move, not only did he set up my tv, computers and phones, but he put together the shelves and wheels. Although the rest of the house looks like a bomb of boxes and papers exploded, my laundry room/auxiliary pantry will be organized.

Tip of the day: Put wheels on it.

Here’s what the empty space looks like.

Load up the shelves, then slide them into the space.

Isn’t that cool?