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Sunday: From Sunrise Till Sunset

9 Feb

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.”
― Jo Walton
A very busy Sunday. It started out with a gorgeous sunny morning and 9 o’clock Mass. I stopped at Sprouts and picked up some beautiful fruit and vegetables, granola, cashews and…ta-da…chocolate covered peanuts. Peanuts-good. Chocolate covered peanuts-even better. I purchased some extra items to take over to Miss Eleanor.

Then, off to the Square to have breakfast with my friend Chris. We had breakfast at Snug, sat outside in the sunshine, chatted and watched people walk by. We always bump into friends. Laura Bartlett of “Four Funny Females” fame was having breakfast with her sister.


After breakfast, we walk around the Square and stopped in at Sweet Spot Bakery to say “Hi” to Miss Kathy and Miss Elizabeth.

Walking back to my car, I heard a little tap-tap-tap on the glass window at Square Burger. It was my dear friend Sherri Murphy and her husband Michael. I popped in to get my traditional “Sherri siting” photo, and to steal a couple of French fries from Michael’s plate.

On my way home, I stopped at Towne Creek to drop off some fruit and vegetables at Miss Eleanor’s, and have a cup of tea. More chatting and sharing stories. By now it was almost 4.

The beautiful day called for a long walk. The sun was so inviting and invigorating that my friend and I walked for almost two hours. A new trail, new sights, a new adventure until dusk. We stopped for tea and more conversation.


By the time I arrived home it was after 8:30 pm. A twelve hour day, from sunrise till sunset. Hope you had a good Sunday, too.


Sunday: Sometimes Flowers Bloom in the Desert

6 Oct

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.”…Buddha



I admire the tenacity of the bold flowers that bloom in the dry cracked earth. When I see patches of glorious color spotting the side of the road or the dusty empty lots along my walk, I smile to myself. It gives me hope. Beauty can be found pretty much anywhere. You just need to open your eyes and your heart.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.”…Buddha

Sunday: Sharing and Pairing

19 Aug

Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.
Mahatma Gandhi

When you think of Sunday, you usually think of going to church, family gatherings and Sunday dinner. Today, I was thinking about my Hispanic heritage and all the religious foundations that I was raised with. I wouldn’t say I’m the most religious person in the world, but I have a very strong faith in The Lord and that our faith keeps us strong.

Oración a la Virgen de Guadalupe
Oh amada Virgen de Guadalupe, rosa mística, intercede por nosotros ante tu Hijo y obteén por nosotros las gracias que te pedimos. En los momentos de angustia defiendenos de las fuerzas de nuestros enemigos, y a la hora de nuestra muerte recibe nuestra alma en el Cielo. Amén.

A beautiful Hispanic ritual is the prayer and novena to the Virgin of Guadalupe. So, to share in both Spanish and English, (thus the pairing) here are some lovely prayers. It really doesn’t matter who you pray to or what your faith is, just having faith “is a good thing.”



Sittin’ Around Sunday: Another Lazy Day

20 May

Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.
Albert Einstein

Thank goodness Mr. Einstein was talking about men and not women, because I spend way too much time reading my emails, blogs, and the newspaper, and very little time using my brain. So, I’m not lazy, maybe just a little preoccupied.

After I made all my phone calls, ate my funny-face breakfast, looked at the Sunday paper, and watched several recorded Jeopardy episodes, I actually got some painting done. See, not all lazy!

Breakfast- my breakfast is looking at me.

My kitchen table has been covered with glass vases, paints and brushes all week. Needless to say, nothing got painted. So, today was the big day. I actually started late last night, but finished the majority of the painting today, two coats. Then, I got interrupted letting the dogs in and out and in at least 50 times. What do you think?


Of course, there’s always time to do a little baking. Not my famous brownies or peach upside-down cake. Nope! I have to bake the glassware after painting. My second favorite kinda baking.

Look what’s cookin’!

Yep, another sittin’ around Sunday!

Sunday Salutations and Other Sentimental Stuff

21 Apr

So much craziness is going on in the world, it’s refreshing to hear the voices of people who just want to enjoy life without being inundated with mayhem 24/7. One of my friends, Gail, posted on her Facebook page that she was sick and tired of it. Well, good for her. I strongly believe the more violence and terror you see, the more it effects you. That’s why I try to post mostly happy or uplifting stories, except of course, when my dogs drive me nuts. Here’s what Gail had to say, and I totally agree. Then my friend, Carolyn, commented with such a lovely response about my writing.


Carolyn wrote: “Yes, I agree with you Gail. Funny, that is what Fr. Michael’s sermon was on this morning. We are inundated with news now as compared to when he was young and one could sit with a cup of coffee and read the newspaper or turn on the TV at your own decisive time. My one comment was we could sit around the radio and listen. Then spend time looking at the beauty around us and thank God for those times also. I have been thinking a lot about Toni Armenta Andrukaitisitus lately. As I was perusing my facebook there were all kind of hate messages against and for our president, against the bomber, etc. Then I came across Toni’s post. She sees something good every day in her life and writes a post about it. So refreshing and fulfilling. Thank you Toni!”

I am honored that so many people are influenced by my positive and humorous writings. If we all shared a little sunshine instead of gloom, the world would be a much better place. Have a great day, as the old annoying cliché goes!



Sanctimonious Sunday

21 Jan

SWS is a very serious affliction plaguing the country this time of year, especially on Sundays. It’s not Swine Flu or any other form of influenza. No, it’s Sports Widow Syndrome, and it has hit all time epidemic proportions. Severe and debilitating side-effects may include charge card trigger finger, excessive chocolate consumption, red wine whining, shortness of breath, and depression with occasional thoughts of manslaughter.

If you experience any of these symptoms, call a girlfriend or female family member immediately. Do not attempt to drive while under the influence of a three margarita lunch, a shopping frenzy at the mall, or if chocolate overdose is suspected. Notify your sister or a neighbor as soon as possible if you start sharpening all the kitchen knives and meat cleavers or start frantically scouring the drawers for the gun safe key.

Remember that Sunday is a sacred day. It’s a time for prayer, meditation, and reflection. If fourteen hours of consecutive pre-game, post-game, regulation and over-time madness is just too much to handle, hopefully there is another television somewhere in the house. Make some microwave popcorn and settle in with the Hallmark or Lifetime Channel. It certainly beats life in prison. But then again, they don’t have televised football, basketball, baseball or hockey in maximum security.


Salutations and Reflections

6 Jan

It’s another lazy Sunday. It’s my day off…ha…ha…ha…! Every day is my day off. But, on Sunday, my only task is to peruse (did I spell that right?) the paper, have a cup of tea, and ruminate over what to make for dinner in about eight hours. That’s pretty lazy! It’s a good thing.

My iPad rests on my knee while I check my emails and watch the dogs sprawled out for their morning nap. It’s their day off too. My husband is watching one of his hunting shows on TV, where goofy men dressed in camo, toting guns, are slurring something in an indiscernible Southern accent. It doesn’t get better than this!

Sunday is a day for reflection. Whether sitting alone, at your local place of worship, or lounging in your jammies on your sofa, (that would be me), it’s a great time to reflect on the past week and make plans for the days ahead. All in all, I had a good week and a great start to a new year. I’m writing more, reading more, and contemplating my next painting project.

Yesterday, I was inspired by my dear friends, Mandy, Julia and Liz, at our Saturday morning writing group. They loved my new blog and encouraged be to “keep up the good work.” They also mentioned that I should share other blogs that I enjoy with my friends. So, if you like to write, I love Patricia Burroughs. She is an excellent teacher, awesome author, and entertaining blogger. I took a writing class with her a few years back and really learned so much. Check her out.


Also, I’d like to share a cute photo that I took yesterday at Snug on the Square in downtown McKinney. It’s my favorite little coffee/sandwich shop. There was an adorable little girl sitting in an overstuffed comfy chair, with her faithful companion at her feet. Just too cute to pass up.

Have a great day!