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Toni’s Taco Tuesday and My Firemen

7 Jul

“It’s funny how sometimes things just fall into place when brownies are involved.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I had one of those baking urges again this morning. I was meeting Helene at Nom Nom’s for our usual Taco Tuesday at 1 pm, but I decided That I had enough time to make some brownies before I left. I haven’t been by the fire station in a few weeks and they’re probably getting all skinny.

I decided to make a double batch so I could take some to Station 9 on my way to lunch and drop off another at Station 5 on my way home. I also made a couple of smaller containers to give Helene to share with her neighbors.

When I arrived at Station 9, there were several other trucks from others stations In the parking lot, and a whole bunch of firefighters were shuffling in. Uh oh. I decided that they were probably having meetings or something, so I grabbed both containers and asked one of the guys to take them inside. He said they were having a training meeting today and thanked me.

Well, I guess I wasn’t going to stop at Station 5 after all.

I drove off to Nom Nom to meet Helene for tacos. When I arrived, two trucks from Fire Station 5 were parked in the lot. Hmm? They were probably having lunch at Nom Nom too. So, I grabbed the two containers that were intended for Helene and friends. There were four or five firemen eating lunch. I walked over, placed the brownies on their table and said, “Ah, you saved me a trip. Now, don’t feel like I’m showing you guys favoritism. I already stopped at Station 9.”

Helene was already waiting for me in line. I told her that she sacrificed her brownies for Station 5. She just laughed because she was trying to cut back on her sweets and bring her cholesterol and sugar down. She said they did her a favor.

A few minutes later, the guys were leaving and one of the firemen came over, showed me a half empty container and said, “Thanks again, Mam. As you can see, we got a head start on your brownies.” That made me smile. It was all meant to be. Station 5 didn’t miss out after all.

Thus was my exciting Taco Tuesday adventure.