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Tuesday:) Two Cups of Tea, a Tree, and Spacey Me

18 Jan

“There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.” ― Lin Yutang, The Importance of Living


I have this daily ritual of starting my day with a big pot of tea. The pretty pot usually sits on the counter for most the day. I pour a little in the cup, microwave it for a minute, and go about my business. Did you notice that I didn’t say that I actually drink the tea? Most of the time, that one minute it takes before the mircrowave sounds it’s annoying beep, I find myself distracted by some other project or activity, i.e., laundry, Facebook, emails, a walk, and so on. 

An hour or two later, I say to myself, “Self, did you forget to drink your tea?” Sometimes I respond and answer out loud, but most of the time I just tap the 1 minute again on the microwave. I’ve been known to do this four or five times before I actually remember to sit down and sip my tea. Does anyone else do that?

Well, it happened again today. I made my tea in the morning, but ran out the door for Zumba class at 8:15. My first time back to class in over a month. I’m a little sore right now. A little too much jiggle in my wiggle, and “Lanza in my panza.” (Mexican inside joke-my belly) When I got home, my tea was more than steeped, so I popped it in the micro 1 minute. I stepped in the other room to make the bed and hang up some clothes and put on a warmer jacket for my walk. Then, off I went for my walk. 

About an hour later, I walked in the door, a little chilly and decided to have a nice hot cup of tea. Where’s my cup? It’s not on the counter. Did I leave it in the bedroom? Nope! Bathroom? Nope! I know I was walking around with it this morning. Oh well. I grabbed another cup from the cabinet and poured. Off to the microwave to warm it up. (You can tell I’m not a tea connoisseur.) Aha! There it is!

Which one do I warm up? Heck! Just do both or I’ll forget again. This time I stood there the entire minute and waited for the beep. I get too easily distracted. Only one cup was consumed.

It was still chilly around 4p.m. I took little Bella for a walk through the park and we admired the knarly old tree that is sprawled across the grass, taking a few pictures.  I can relate to the old tired tree with thick weary limbs and bare winter branches. We’ve both seen better days, but…here we are, still hanging in there. A few limbs trimmed and worse for wear. But, a few specks of green. A sign of a little life still left.

I walked in the door, warmed up the second cup of tea still in the microwave, and decided, even if I’m old and spacey, there’s still a little life left in this old knarly tree.

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

6 Feb

“If at first you don’t succeed…”

Now, you fill in the blank and have your own words of wisdom for Wednesday.

Here’s mine:
“If at first you don’t succeed, sit down and have a nice cup of tea and a double chocolate chip brownie.”

Yesterday, I was so unsuccessful that I inadvertently poured myself two cups of tea. They say with age comes wisdom. I say with age comes forgetfulness. Now, where’s my brownie?