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Thankful Thursday:) Technology Is Keeping Me Sane

10 Apr

“I used to think that technology was the biggest reason for distancing families and friends. Now, technology is the only thing keeping us together.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I can’t recall all the times I would see families at restaurants where each member was busy texting or checking something on their phone. They weren’t talking, or sharing exploits of the day. They were tuned out. Or, a little toddlers would be perched on Daddy’s lap, trying to get his attention, only to have the parent texting away. All I could think of was, “I think technology is atrocious!”

Now, being isolated and sheltering in place, most of those families are spending more than a lot of quality time with their families. I’m so grateful to have my iPad and cell phone to read, share stories, take pictures, and keep in touch with my friends and family.

I’m especially grateful for the FaceTime and Messenger features. I get to see my family and grandchildren on a regular basis, and they get to see and hear my voice. I am not a stranger.

I’ve been joining my friends in a group chat, sometimes for hours. We lose track of time, just like we did when we went out to lunch or dinner.

Today, I am VERY thankful for the technology that keeps me in touch with people and keeps me sane. I certainly miss you all so much. Can’t wait to be able to hug you all in person. I pray that day will be soon. ❤️

Tuesday:) GP Cox~ Toni Is Technologically Impaired

17 Jan

Do not get obsolete like an old technology, keep innovating yourself.

– Sukant Ratnakar


I try to learn new things, keep up with technology, but I’m old, remember? I enjoy my writing, reading, artwork, and photography. Often, these endeavors require keeping up with technology, especially the writing.

I follow many other bloggers, and one of my favorites is GP Cox, who writes Pacific Paratrooper. I was fascinated with his recounting of many WWII events, and sharing stories written and shared by his father. I especially liked the history and photos from the Philippines. That’s where my father served. This very knowledgeable gentleman was even kind enough to try and teach me, via the WordPress site, how to use photos in the comment section. After several attempts, I never did figure it out. I wanted to show him a photo of my father’s discharge papers.

I tried several ways, but it didn’t work, so, I’ll have to be innovative and hope he reads this and sees this post.

GP, here is a photo of the papers I was trying to show you. This was my dad.

Here’s a watercolor painting I did of his army picture with the Philippines in the background.

My technology may be challenged, but I usually can figure out an alternate way.

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

29 Jan

We are stuck with technology when all we really want is just stuff that works.
Douglas Adams
When your internet, WiFi, and television are down, you are forced to do what they did in the old days. Read a book!
Why is technology such a driving force in our lives? My internet went out sometime this morning. I just thought it was a local glitch and would be back up by lunch time. But nooooo! I went out for the day, had lunch with my friend, Lynda, hung out on the Square a while , then came home to no internet or television.

Lynne invited me over for dinner and we went for a very long walk. We talked and strolled. She said something profound when I said, “I’m going to be list without my television.” Her comment was, “Why don’t you read a book?” Duh! When is the last time I read a book? 1975? Just kidding, but you know what I mean.

Long and short, ATT is coming out tomorrow. But, in the meantime, I feel lost, despondent, and very annoyed. I’m writing this on my teeny tiny iPhone with my big clumsy fingers hitting all the wrong keys. When I’m done, I’m going to sit down and read the book that my friend Sean Cotter translated from the Romanian, “Blinding,” by Mircea Cartarescu.

When one door closes, another door opens, and when one technology closes, old technology, called your brain, well, that old door is always open.

But, what I “really want is just stuff that works.”