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Theme Song Thursday:) Get Your Act Tohether

30 Jun

“Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination” ― Christina Scalise, Organize Your Life and More


Wow! In August, it will be three years in my new house. The inside is pretty much settled, but I wouldn’t say perfect. I haven’t really hung up any of my artwork and paintings. The problem is there is just too much to pick from. I literally have hundreds of watercolors, acrylic, oils, mixed media paintings lying around or stacked up. It’s my own work, but I just can’t make decisions.

Now, the garage is another story. When I moved in August 23, 2014, (which is a whole new amazing story in itself) the movers set up the shelves in my garage and were kind enough to fill all the shelves for me. The problem is, I had no idea what was in all the boxes and bins. 

Today, my friend Jim said he would help me tackle the debacle that was in my garage. There was no rhyme or reason to any of it. I needed to get my act together. An example of the goofy stuff in my garage…a bin of Old Comiskey Park bricks from the old ball park when they tore it down, tools, three battery chargers, two air compressors, painting supplies, and hundreds of other buzzard items. All these were left for me to sort through when the EX left. All his stuff that he didn’t feel like dealing with, and I didn’t have time to sort through. I threw it all in boxes, packed it up and moved it to my new house. I also have bins and bins of sentimental toys and baby things from my sons. Can’t part with those. Then, don’t even start with my crafts and glassware and picture frames. Yikes!

We spent a good seven hours tackling the garage, without rest, a few sips of water, and no food all day. By 7p.m., we made a big dent in the organizing. Jim did all the heavy lifting and toting, and I sorted and made piles to donate or toss. The once over stuffed shelves now are organized, labeled and there are even a couple of empty spots.


Not only did my valiant helper work his butt off, he took me to dinner when we finished. Afterwards we stopped at Lowes, and he bought me a tool box, a saw, a new drill, (I didn’t have one) and a bunch of other necessary tools that every home should have.

Look at me all organized and professional! Don’t I have the best friends ever?

Theme Song Thursday:) Everything’s Coming Up Roses

9 Jun

When you give a homemade gift, you are giving a part of yourself to the recipient. You can’t do that with a mass-produced item. 

~Mark Frauenfelder


My dear Friend Karri got married last Saturday to a wonderful man named Nick. I wanted to make her something special for the special day, so I did. I painted a dozen champagne flutes for the occasion. Hopefully, Karri and Nick will have many, many happy years to celebrate and drink champagne together.

I enjoy the magical process of taking plain glass and transforming it into a special gift.

Here’s what I use: FolkArt Enamel paints made for glass. These roses only required 3 colors~ white, sage green and gold. I like the combination, it’s elegant. I use a One Stroke painting method where I double load my brush with white and another color. I paint them, let them dry overnight, then bake in a 350 oven for 30 minutes. Voila! 

Yes, I made a quick little video…

I also painted a matching card to add to the theme. A beautiful gift box to place the flutes in, a little bubble wrap and a bow, and the gift was complete.

Congratulations Karri and Nick!

Theme Song Thursday: Fourteen Feathers and a Penny

19 May

“It’s not enough to have the feathers. 

You must dare to fly!” 
― Cass van Krah


I believe in lucky feathers and angels and pennies from heaven and the power of prayer and positive thinking. I believe that your own perceptions and beliefs are your reality. The mind is a powerful instrument and the soul its receptor.

When I went for my walk the other day, I noticed a feather in the grass in the park. Then another, and another. The feathers were a sign of good luck for me, but not so lucky for he bird or birds that obviously lost these feathers. The trail of feathers continued along my path. I had picked up the first couple, then decided to see how many I could find. Fourteen in all.

These may look a little rumpled, but I always wash them with antibacterial soap when I get home. 

Later that day, I went to the store, dropped off some groceries to a friend, had ice cream on the square with a new friend, visited with Miss Kathy and Miss Elizabeth at Sweet Spot Bakery, and took some canned  goods over to the Little Free Food Pantry. A long busy fun day. When I got back to my car, right there by my car door was a lucky penny. 

Fourteen feathers and a lucky penny. 

Here’s the theme song for today. The theme Song from Forrest Gump. FEATHER…

Theme Song Thursday:) Clouds

7 Apr

“A compassionate heart radiates rays of beauty that removes the clouds of million hearts.” ― Amit Ray


The day slithered away. It was a cool and cloudy day in Elgin. I was going a bit stir crazy, being used to going to Zumba, walking, lunches, shopping, and constant running around, usually all in one day, by 5:30 pm, I decided to bundle up and go for a walk on the nice path around Mom’s place. I think it’s almost a 1/4 mi. path or 1/5, not sure. My goal was to get around ten times. I went for fifteen instead. Walking inspires me. It’s my thinking time. Then, I rode the stationary bike for twenty minutes up in the exercise room. 

Today, I was inspired by the beautiful clouds that followed me around as I walked. I even sang a few tunes as I walked. Yep. I sing out loud when no one is around.

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now

From up and down and still somehow

It’s clouds illusion I recall

I really don’t know clouds at all.

Theme Song Thursday:) If I had a Hammer

24 Mar

“Love and kindness are the hammer and chisel that gently chip through barriers and long-held beliefs to reveal the magnificent soul contained within every human.” ― Molly Friedenfeld


It’s been a blustery windy day, fortunately, I’m well anchored, so I didn’t get blown away, but the wind went sweeping in one ear and out the other. A little joke…nothing between my ears to stop it. 

Afterwards, I decided to sit in the backyard, do a little reading, and enjoy the sunshine. As I sat there, I noticed that my back fence was swaying back and forth. Hmmm? I walked back there and saw that the corner section of fence was anchored to… absolutely nothing. It was floating, not connected to the fence next door or the other back fence. There was a center wooden post, that didn’t look sturdier than a fat toothpick. 

All I could think to do was prop up a heavy metal patio chair to prevent the cheap fence from falling over. That didn’t help much. I went in the house. I knew I had a hammer somewhere, but I don’t have a tool box with nails or screws. Mr. Ex took all that stuff. All I had were some small picture hangers and a few nails that I found in the street on my walks.

I attempted to pound a couple of nails from the end of my fence to the one next door. They just popped out with the first gust of wind. I found a piece of old wood to try and join the seems. That didn’t work either, and I had to run off to meet some writer friends at 5:30. I just left the chair to hold up the section.

As I sit here tonight, the fence is squeaking, squealing, and flapping in the wind. I just hope it is still there in the morning. I may have to give my neighbor, Mr. Larry, a call. He has a garage full of tools. (Not just beer) Maybe he’ll have an idea as how to secure the sections. The fence isn’t even three years old. Crazy! 

If I had a hammer…I’d…I’d have a few words with the guys who pretended to put up my fence.

Theme Song Thursday:) Everything’s Coming Up Roses

3 Mar

“I feel as if I had opened a book and found roses of yesterday sweet and fragrant, between its leaves.” ― L.M. Montgomery


Painting and writing are my favorite creative pastimes. So, writing about my painting projects is a double pleasure. (Plus, I like to show off.)

Last week, I showed you the large glass bowl that I painted for the Empty Bowls Charity event. After the first project exploded in the oven, I went with yellow roses for the replacement. Yep! Pretty nice.

 Because roses are my favorite thing to paint, (easiest for me) I decided to paint more tall wine glasses with yellow roses. It takes a couple of days for different layers to dry. Then, I baked them in the oven. Yes, I chanced another explosion, but I never had wine glasses explode before. The heat setting helps protect the paint from chipping or scratching.

Yay!!! They didn’t explode.

So, everything’s coming up roses…everyone sing along….

Theme Song Thursday:) Yellow Rose of Texas

24 Feb

“When life gives you lemons, sit down and paint a picture of lemons. That’s what artists do.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Just a reminder, if you didn’t see my post from yesterday. I had painted a large glass bowl with white trees and cardinals. It was going to be my donation for the McKinney Empty Bowls fundraiser. Well, it exploded in the oven. I had another large bowl as a back-up. For good luck, I decided to paint my yellow roses. Everyone in Texas loves yellow roses. Heck, pretty much everyone anywhere loves yellow roses. It symbolizes friendship and joy. (I looked that up.)

Here’s a recap of the explosive disaster.

I was upset, but being an artist and an optimist, I dusted myself off, (literally, there were glass shards everywhere) and sat down and painted a lovely bowl in my messy “crap room.”

Speaking of disasters…I just tried to upload some photos, and WordPress won’t allow it. It says I don’t have enough space to upload! 1,411KB needed. Bummer. NO PHOTOS TODAY! I hope I can get this resolved. What if I’ve flooded WordPress with too much stuff???

GREAT…I figured out the problem. I ran out of room so I had to buy a plan with 3 G more storage. Now I can add the photo. Yay!


I guess that’s all for now.