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Throwback Thursday:) If Only

8 Jan

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we take a day or a month or a year and just throw it back? 2020 would be a good choice.”

2019 and the first couple of months in 2020 were really swell.
About 35 years ago. My Joe
Over 35 years later.
The best family ever.
Over 65 years ago. Yikes. I’m the cute baby in Mom’s arms.

Throwback Thursday:) My Little Chocolate Buddy

5 Mar

“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay.”

—The Dalai Lama


Talk about a throwback Thursday, this afternoon I was scouring through my old emails, notes, and photos, looking for some of my poems that I had written in the past. I’m trying to get them all together in one place so someday… in the near distant future… I’d like to put together a book of my artwork and poetry. I’ve written several poems to go along with my paintings.

I went to my email search box and typed in the word “poem” and came up with dozens of references that I immediately copied and pasted into my “Notes” file. Some poems were sweet and endearing, along with a few not so sweet words expressed during some bad times. But, all heartfelt expressions written in rhyme, with or without reason.

My favorite discovery was from way back in 2007, and an email I had sent to friends. It was about when my little neighbor and chocolate brownie baking Buddy came over. The 8 year old budding artist/baker/poet is now in college. I don’t live nextdoor anymore, I’m not married anymore, and I don’t get to see my little buddy anymore, but I’m still baking brownies and always think of sweet little Rebekah. Time flies too quickly, but memories, photos, prose, and poetry prevail.

November 27, 2007. 7:47 AM

   Yesterday, my little friend Rebekah came over. She hadn’t been over for over a week. They had gone to visit Grandma for Thanksgiving, etc. and had been very busy. She informed me again that my doorbell must be broken because she would ring it and I did not come to the door, so she would knock very hard and the dogs would bark and I would then know she was there. I thought perhaps she wasn’t pushing the bell hard enough, or maybe in my advanced old age, perhaps I just didn’t hear it ringing. But, upon further investigation, we both tried ringing the bell and it just wasn’t working. So, we better get that fixed or I may miss my important callers.

   So, just as we were getting into our conversation of Thanksgiving, school, what we wanted for Christmas, etc., the phone rang. I was on the phone a few minutes so she proceeded to go into the pantry to find some ritual chocolate for snacking and also came out with a box of brownie mix and a huge grin on her face. She has the mime thing going down pretty well for an 8 year old. She held up the box with a question in her eyes, I nodded yes in return. She went and got the step stool out of the pantry and the apron out of the drawer. I got out the eggs and oil and bowl while she poured out the sampling chocolate chips into a little cup. Now mind you, all this is being done without a single word being exchanged. We have it down to a science. She even held up an egg and asked with her eyes if she could crack it alone, but I shook my head no and held up my just wait a minute finger. We haven’t gone solo on the egg cracking yet. I help her and we crack it together and she opens and lets it drop. No egg shells in the batter so far.

    By the time I got off the phone just a few minutes later, the brownie mix was already stirring with all the ingredients and ready for baking all without a single word. Pretty cool!

But of course this has nothing to do with the topic title of the day, One Poet at a Time, now does it?

   A couple weeks ago, November 14th to be exact, my little baking buddy had come over, but Mr. Tony was home early and not feeling well and was in bed asleep, so we were whispering and very quiet. I remember the date because I looked back into my morning pages that I write every day because it was a special day. Rebekah came to the door with her big smile and shining eyes, as usual, and she had her little school notebook with little books and stories and poems that she likes to read to me. So I let her in with my finger over my lips and whispered, “Mr. Tony is sleeping,” and she tip-toed in, set her folder down and went into the pantry for some chocolate. We sat at the table and she asked if I wanted to hear some poems they were reading at school. She is a very good and fast reader, so she was done with her poems in just a few minutes. I told her that I love poetry and when I was little, I used to like to write my own poems.

   Now, what can we do quietly for an hour or so? I said, “Why don’t we write a poem?” So we sat at the table and took turns thinking of a word and thinking of other words that rhymed. We said book, look, took, shook, etc. We did that for about 10 or 12 words and that was fun. Then I said, “Let’s write a poem about Fall,” because that was what her poems were about. I explained about alliteration and using words with the same letters and  rhythm and iambic pentameter and some other aspects of poetry, but of course without using the big words, just explaining them. So I asked, “What should the title be?” We wanted to write about fall, so what is a word that starts with the letter F that would sound good and right away she said FANCY. Well, that was perfect. What is a better way to describe the beautiful colors of Fall? So the title was FANCY FALL and here is her poem.

                                                     FANCY FALL


                                           Fancy Fall, fancy Fall,

                                           That’s my favorite time of all.

                                           Colorful leaves fall from the trees,

                                           I go outside and feel the breeze.

                                           I wear my coat outside to play,

                                           Some leaves fell on my head today.

                                           The color of the leaves are pretty,

                                           As the beautiful leaves fall on the city.


                                           by Rebekah Reynolds


   Now isn’t that adorable? I really didn’t  help much except with some spelling questions and a little rhythm. I was very proud of her and we also found something fun and creative to do while waiting for brownies to bake or trying to keep quiet on a cool autumn afternoon.

   So, one poet at a time! It only takes a little time out of my day to nurture a budding artist or poet or professional chocolatier. I certainly enjoy sharing my talents with others because I get so much more back in the process. Just thought I would share that story with you and as always…….. HAK——hugs and kisses and TC….Take care!!!!!


Now, that is a very special poem and a very special young lady.

Throwback Theme Song Thursday:) Frosty the Snow Man

14 Dec

Snowmen fall from heaven unassembled.     



I thought I’d share a throwback craft project from last year, and add a little theme Song music for the holidays.


Last year around this time, I was at Mom’s place, painting ornaments, boxes, notecards, and making snowmen craft projects with mini and regular size Hershey bars. It’s a fun and easy project. Mom loved passing them out to her friends. I sure do miss my mom. It’s hard to believe that she’s not here. This is our first Christmas without her. But, she’s a crafting, painting, singing, dancing, and playing piano in heaven. That’s my Angel Mother.

Here’s the snowman project…

The little ones are cute too, aren’t they?

Just measure the width of the candy bar and add an inch. I just used white copy paper. The hats and eyes were made with black construction paper. The orange nose with construction paper too. A glue stick and tape are the easiest for securing. I used ribbon for the scarves and frayed the edges, twisting together with some wired star ribbon. A little pink chalk for the cheeks. You can improvise with materials you have at hand. You can use real buttons or felt for the hats. I just happened to have some cool things. You can also just use markers for the eyes and nose. Even the scarf could be drawn on with markers. Just use you imagination. One thing to be careful of… don’t eat all the candy before you get a chance to make the snowmen. (It’s been known to happen.)

Throwback Thursday:) Old Photographs and Faded Memories

16 Mar

“A photograph shouldn’t be just a picture, it should be a philosophy.”

Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words


A good day to go through old photographs. And yes, I am that old that my first pictures and memories were all in black and white.

I was an adorable blonde baby in the 50’s.

I’m the cute one in the middle. I’m still workin’ the curly

My grandfather who I never met, above. My dad’s father.

Another group of adorable little girls with Mom. I’m still the cute one in the middle.

My father’s WWII army picture. Small, but you get the picture.

My great-grandparents with my mother.

My cute mom when she was a baby, and my grandparents.

Thursday, a few throwback photographs.