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Tuesday: Terrific Tips and Tricks

3 Sep

A place for everything, and everything in its place.
-Benjamin Franklin
I am so excited about my laundry room storage solution. When I moved into my new house, my pantry space is about 1/4 of the size of my old house, and my cabinet and storage space at least 1/3 or 1/4. So, where do you put everything? Yes, I know…you’re probably thinking, why didn’t you get rid of a lot of stuff. Well, I did! Really, I did! But there were a lot of items near and dear to my heart, and I wasn’t going to give them away. I had 39 years of treasures to pack up and move. That’s a lot of stuff, bit I wasn’t going to lose my treasures. I’ve lost enough.

You can imagine my excitement when I saw the extra space in the laundry room, just off the kitchen. There’s a little alcove underneath the stairwell going upstairs on the other side of the wall. Cool! I had the idea of putting some wire shelves on casters (wheels) in the space. When my friends Lynne and Karen were over, it was suggested that they could fit in sideways and be rolled out for access one at a time. Eureka!

During Matt’s one week visit to help me move, not only did he set up my tv, computers and phones, but he put together the shelves and wheels. Although the rest of the house looks like a bomb of boxes and papers exploded, my laundry room/auxiliary pantry will be organized.

Tip of the day: Put wheels on it.

Here’s what the empty space looks like.

Load up the shelves, then slide them into the space.

Isn’t that cool?


Sunday Sermon and Some Thinkin’ Outside the Box

18 Aug

When ideas fail, words come in very handy.
~Johann Wolfgang van Goethe
Today’s Gospel was about the Canaanite woman who pleaded with Jesus to heal her daughter. The disciples said to send her away. Her faith and persistence was so strong that Jesus said,
“O woman, great is your faith!
Let it be done for you as you wish.”
And the woman’s daughter was healed from that hour.

That’s a good lesson for today. Faith, persistence and determination will win out in the end. I like happy endings.

It was a glorious rainy day today. We were blessed with a good storm and some well needed rain. Father even said a special thank you and blessing for the rain at Mass this morning. The storm curtailed my walking, but gave me the momentum to work on some more heavy duty packing. I decided to tackle the closets.

Even though the boys are grown and gone, they each have a room and I still maintain a fully stocked closet of clothing, football, baseball, and hockey jerseys, not to mention all their old books, trophies, toys, diplomas, well, you name it, it’s still here. So, while I was packing up all this stuff, I was trying to think of an easier way to transport all the clothes. (Light bulb moment.)

It would cost a fortune to box up all the clothes in wardrobe boxes to go just 4.5 miles. So, time to think OUTSIDE THE BOX. (Thanks, Leon Krejci who said, “Think outside the box.) I did. When I was looking at those big oversized hockey jerseys, I realized that I could fit 10 to 15 t-shirts or tops inside the jersey, use a twist tie or zip tie around the bundle of hangers, and “voila,” easy transport. Thank goodness I had a lot of hockey jerseys. I used them for all my shirts and tops too. Now, I can just throw the bundles in the car and hang right in the closets.

Zip ties work great.


Go Hawks! Go Wolves!

Piled high into the sky. Miles to go before I rest!


Tuesday tips and Tricks

28 May

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.”
Today was tough to tabulate a terrific tip to tell you for Tuesday. But, when I think of my favorite tip that I share with people all the time, it is my acupressure tip for leg cramps. I’ve been doing a lot of walking, running and Zumba lately, but I’ve always suffered from leg cramps. They usually strike in the middle of the night with excruciating pain. This is amazing.

I remember learning this tip while taking Lamaze classes in 1981. I’ve used it a zillion times and have shared it with a zillion people. When I feel the leg cramp coming on, I squeeze right in that groove above the lip with my thumb inside the lip, and the index finger in the groove on the outside, and pinch like crazy. It always works for me. So, I’m sharing this with you. Store it in your memory banks for when you need it.

Oh yes, I just read that it might also curb your appetite. Who knew?

Appetite Governing (GV 26)

Location: in the hollow between the upper lip and the nose.

Benefits: This first-aid revival point has traditionally been used for cramps, fainting, and dizziness. It can also help curb the appetite.

Place the thumb inside and up under the lip and the index finger outside on the point. Massage the point by moving the thumb in a slight downward motion while moving the index finger in a slight upward motion; then reverse, moving the thumb upward and the index finger downward. Continue this massaging motion for approximately 1 minute while breathing slowly in and out.

Here’s another little tip that I use in a pinch…pardon the pun. I put my iPhone in a glass bowl for an amplifier. It works!


Tuesday Tips and Tricks

9 Oct

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don’t have brains enough to be honest.
Benjamin Franklin



Friday: Frizz and Frenzy Story

4 May

Monday morning I woke up with a sudden sense of urgency. What was my dilemma? I couldn’t live another minute with my massive mess of unruly, frizzy hair. I’ve had horrible Hispanic hair for sixty years, and I was tired of the tangles and tears. I’ve always kept it long so I could pull it back in a tight ponytail. I called Mom, as I do every morning, and said, “I’m doing it. I’m gonna chop off all this awful hair once and for all.”

I drove over to Great Clips, and plopped myself in the chair. The stylist draped that silky red cover thingy over me and asked in a thick Polish accent, “What you like today?” I told her I had terrible thick curly hair and wanted to cut it all off. I felt relieved and empowered.

Just when I thought I was about to change my old look and my entire life, the experienced accented voice said, “No, no, no! You no want short. You hair no good short. I cut short, you cry.” We discussed the pros and cons when she added, “One time, I cut my hair short, I cry two days. I go buy wig. You no want cry. I cut to shoulder. You no cry.”

With those words of wisdom, I decided maybe this was divine intervention and I wasn’t meant to have short cropped curls, cry, and “go buy wig.” So, she cut off only about five inches, leaving shoulder length hair on my head and a pile of brown ringlets on the floor. Oh well, maybe some other fed-up frizzy day.

The only good thing about having natural curly hair is nothing. (searchquotes.com)
Unknown author


If you have frizzy frustrating hair too, here are some helpful hints.

Written by AliciaMC on Apr 29, 2011 at naturallycurly.com
Avocado and mayonnaise. Simple!
Want to save some money? Try some home frizzy hair remedies for keeping the spring in your curls. These remedies can help you have no-frizz curls with items picked up from your local grocery store. Here are our tips to repair dry hair now!
Rinsing your hair with something other than your shower water can work wonders!
1. Carbonated water rinse. If you often let your curls air dry, this is a great remedy to eliminate hair frizz caused by humidity. After you wash your hair, give it a final rinse with carbonated or sparkling water. The reason carbonated or sparkling water reduces frizz is because of it’s low pH level. Learn more about pH levels and frizz now. (Maybe a gin and tonic? Gin for me, tonic for my hair)
2. Apple Cider Vinegar. This is another great natural remedy that is very effective in preventing frizzy curls. The procedure is very much like the process above with the carbonated/sparkling water. Wash your hair as you normally would and give it a final rinse with equal parts water and apple cider vinegar. Another great benefit of apple cider vinegar is shine! Shiny and frizz-free hair? Sign me up! We’ve broken down the apple cider vinegar process just for you! (Apple cider vinegar? Hmm? Maybe I can eat a salad in the shower.)
3. Beer. Beer is another great rinse option, and ranks third on our list of unconventional no-frizz tips. Beer replenishes moisture in your hair. Dark beers often provide the most nutrients and moisture. When doing the rinse, simply coat your hair with them and let it sit for a few minutes. When ready, rinse your hair with cold water—which will also help get rid of the smell. (Beer? That’s more like it. A little for me, a little for the hair.)
Natural Homemade Conditioners

You can pack the nutrients into your own conditioners. Check out our recipes!
4. Mayonnaise and Avocado Conditioner. Here is a recipe is a very effective natural conditioner for dry, frizzy hair. Mix 1 cup of mayonnaise with 1/2 avocado until you have a paste. Rub it on your hair and cover your head with a plastic cap. Wrap a hot towel around it. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash. Repeat once a week for better results. Check out more about avocado hair conditioners here. (Now, avocado and mayo? I’ll just put that on the salad from tip 2.)
5. Coconut oil or olive oil. Oil is your frizz-free friend—maybe even your best no-frizz friend. Oils are a great sealer or conditioner. Check out this recipe for oil conditioner: begin by heating up one cup of olive oil or coconut oil in a glass jar. Apply this mixture throughout all of your hair, evenly distributing it. Cover your curly hair with a shower cap and wrap a hot towel around your head to increase moisture absorption. Keep on for around 30 minutes, rewarming your towel as needed (you’ll need constant heat). Shampoo and rinse your hair with cold water. Do this three times a week for the best results. Read more about coconut oil for hair here. (Olive oil? Yes, need that with the apple cider vinegar in tip 2 and put and salad in tip 4.)

Tuesday Tips and Tricks

1 May

Plant seeds in ice cream cone cups. Kids enjoy watching them grow, then plant in the ground.

Keep bananas lasting a little longer, of course, you could always freeze and dip in chocolate.

Very important!!! Always make sure you carry an extra house key even when going to the mailbox, taking out the garbage, or just getting the newspaper from the driveway.The puppy ( the size of a small pony) has jumped up on the door and has locked me out of the house on several occasions. Today, my husband was home to let me back in…thank goodness.