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Tuesday:) Toni’s Time-lapse Video-Trash to Treasure Vase

18 Nov

“When I think outside the box, I think, oooh, a box! This can become a castle or a dollhouse or a puppet theatre. Where’s my paint?”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


My friend and neighbor Kathy lost her furry friend last week. Stan was a beautiful tabby that loved Miss Toni, and he would often walk across the street and visit, keeping bunnies and mice away from my door. He will be missed.

I decided that I wanted to do something special for Miss Kathy. I found some colorful flowers at Kroger and decided to paint a colorful vase. Miss Kathy loves orange, so I had an idea. I took one of my many thrift store vases to turn into a colorful trash to treasure vase.

( Repurposed vases, Folk Art Enamel paint, and some makeup sponges.)

After I painted this one, I still had plenty of glass paint on my palette. I don’t believe in waste, so I painted a couple more vases for another time.

Fun trash to treasure project.

Thursday:) Thrift Store This to Treasured That

8 Feb

“Take something old and discarded, give it love and attentions, and create a beautiful work of art. The same goes for people, places, and things.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I like to scour through thrift stores searching for special glassware to paint. I’m always on the look out for large bowls to paint for the Empty Bowls charity event in the spring. Sometimes the cost at the thrift store is a bit pricey for a used discarded item, and often times marked even more than it would cost new. But, I like to hunt for an old discarded item and transform it into a beautiful new treasure.

I’m not sure what this large glass bowl was in it’s previous life. Maybe a chip and dip bowl, who knows. This was my challenge. Did it want to have bluebonnets or roses painted on it? The flowing low horizontal shape of the glass asked for bluebonnets. (My projects talk to me, but only if I ask a question.)

This is what the wanted to look like…

A little paint, a little love, and now someone’s discarded bowl will be someone’s treasure. Not to mention, it will raise a little money for Empty Bowls on May 16.

Tuesday:) Toni’s Treasures for Today

2 May

“You can either be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It all depends on how you view your life.”

~ Paul Coelho


The cloudy morning skies threatened rain all day, but so far, nothing to write home about.

I was able to get in an early morning walk before zumba, then another longer walk afterwards. On my walk, I was crossing the street when I noticed a small round piece of metal lodged in the crevice of grass. It couldn’t be a coin, could it?

I’m always excited when I find a lucky penny or coin, but I didn’t think this anything. Plus, how in the world did I even notice this thing. I took it home, cleaned it and noticed the ,”In God We Trust.” A hidden treasure.

I love that I can find hidden treasures in my tiny little world. I guess if you walk as much as I do, there are more opportunities to meet new people, make friends and find treasures.

So, on my third walk of the day, I was pumping those old arms and decided to go just a couple of more blocks before heading home. Tomorrow is garbage day, so a few neighbors had their cans out already. One house I scooted past had a for sale sign in the front yard and next to their trash cans were an old dresser and a metal plant stand strewn on the grass. I checked out the plant stand, it was cool, and was going to walk it home, but it weighed a ton. I scurried home and got my car and picked up this terrific treasure. I thought it would be perfect on my back porch, and even if it got rusty, cool, it would add to the charm. PLUS! It was free.

It will be perfect to put a drink or food on when I have friends over, and just look pretty all year round. A few accessories, and voila! Toni’s treasure for today.

A terrific Tuesday.