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Tuesday:) Tell It Like It Is~ Super Tuesday

2 Mar

“If we are not ashamed to think it, we should not be ashamed to say it.” 

― Marcus Tullius Cicero


To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what is so super about this Super Tuesday. I’m gonna tell it like it is. This election, the candidates, the entire fiasco of television coverage, it all reminds me of a combination bad sitcom mixed with a cartoon infomercial. I’m afraid for our country, seriously afraid. 

My perception of a good presidential candidate is a person with honesty, integrity, sincerity, who is respectful and caring. A person of faith with stable, loving family values. A person of impeccable character. There should be no name calling, no ridiculous showmanship, no skeletons in their closet. Do you know anyone like that? Neither do I!

But, like all civic rights and responsibilities, if you don’t go out and cast your vote and voice your opinion at the polls, then you have no right to complain.

I went to vote this afternoon at Collin College. I figured there would be plenty of parking, and I would be able to get in and out in a few minutes. WRONG!!! When I arrived a few minutes after 2pm, the line was wrapped way around the hallway, with the registration tables nowhere to be seen. I chatted with a few people, strangers in line. We had a very long time to get to know one another. Ellen and I now know each other’s life history. Gee, I hope her son made it to work on time. He had to ride his bike because Mom was stuck in line. The girl behind me grew up in Chicago at 115th and Central Park. When we finally approached the finish line, there were only five polling booths and a handful of staff to accommodate the constant line of about a hundred people. I think my right foot fell asleep several times. 

I walked out at 3:30… 2-3:30, an hour and a half to move about 100 feet. Thats how long it took to exercise my right to choose a candidate that I do not totally endorse or respect. Since when do we have to vote for the less of two evils? Now, this is just my opinion. I’m not politically savvy, but I voted. I may not make a difference in an election, but I hope to make a difference in the world by being the best human being I can be. Hmmmm? Is it to late for me to run? Maybe next time!


Tuesday Tips and Truths: Writers

30 Apr

“You see, in my view a writer is a writer not because she writes well and easily, because she has amazing talent, because everything she does is golden. In my view a writer is a writer because even when there is no hope, even when nothing you do shows any sign of promise, you keep writing anyway.”
Becoming a Writer/ The List, O Magazine, November 2009]”
― Junot Díaz
Writing this blog every day, at first, was a pleasant diversion and challenge, but now it is a necessity. Sharing thoughts, feelings, sadness and joy is all part of what writers do. It’s not optional, it’s like breathing in and out. I’ll keep writing, and the truth will be told. Yep, it will ALL be told one day. Stay tuned.

My personal tip, “The truth of the matter is, the truth always matters.”


Some Sound Advice, Some Funny Sayings, and Singing With the Beatles

10 Feb

“May I share with you a formula that in my judgment will help you and help me to journey well through mortality… First, fill your mind with truth; second, fill your life with service; and third, fill your heart with love.”
― Thomas S. Monson
Excellent advice and a life to strive for. As in most things, easier said than done, but worthy of every effort. I do believe that truth is very important, not only the words you tell others, but the words you tell yourself. I need to work on that. Sometimes that is the hardiest truth. Service is equally as important. Service and helping people is another gift that nourishes your soul. Then, filling your heart with love, family and friendship completes the formula.

Being thankful is the key.

This is funny, but true. If you survived a catholic education! you can survive anything. Amen. Now sit down and fold your hands.

OK, this one was just cerebral and amusing,
Now, for the Beatles? CBS is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show. I’m singing along…as I tend to do. I remember it like it was “YESTERDAY.” Get it? “Yesterday, life was such an easy game to play.”