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Wednesday Words of Wisdom

28 May

β€œIt is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” β€• Harry S. Truman


It’s funny how easy it is to make analogies in your every day life. At least it is for me. This afternoon, I decided that I’d procrastinated enough. I needed to seal the grout on my tile floors. The thought of it was daunting. It all needed sealing, the hallway, kitchen laundry room, guest bath and master bath. 

Why do you need to seal the grout? It protects the floor and prevents stains. No one will notice or say, “Oh my, did you just seal your grout?” But, it needs to be done. So, I spent several hours doing this unsung task. I did, however, use a rolling desk chair for most of the job, hunched over, rolling around with my foam brush and sealer. Much better than on my hands and knees. (I’m very clever, if I don’t say so myself.)


Here’s my anology… Often times in life, we do many things that go unnoticed. You don’t see the work, time, effort or sacrifice that goes into these tasks, and you don’t get a thank you or a reward. But, you know it must be done.

 “A job well done is its own reward.” Whoever said that didn’t seal all the floor grout in their new house, that’s for sure.