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Saturday:) Some More Sun, Fun and Sightseeing in CA

3 Aug

“All I do is eat, sit in the sun, paint, walk by the beach, take naps, get waited on, and have fun. It’s like being on vacation. Oh wait, I am on vacation.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Another leisurely day in paradise. Matt keeps telling me, “Now, do you see why I lobe living here?” I have refrained from saying, “Maybe your old, yet wonderful mother, should come and live with you.” I don’t want to give him a heart attack. He’s too young. It is beautiful, but I still love my McKinney best.

This. morning, I sat outside and finished the watercolor I was working on of some random old lady sitting by the pier. (I’m the random old lady)

We walked around town. There was a little street fair we strolled by. They only had one artist. I was surprised. The rest were selling jewelry, clothing, and touristy stuff.

Then, a nice lunch at the Mexican place where I loved the guacamole.

More fun murals on our walk.

We walked back home, and I did a little more reading until I started nodding off. Time for a nap. ( it’s a tough life)

We’re heading off to the Hollywood Bowl in a few minutes for a concert and a little sight seeing. Watch out! I might get discovered in Hollywood and never return home. STOP LAUGHING! Anything is possible!

Have a great Saturday, my friends.