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Tuesday:) Toni’s Time-Lapse Painting Tips

8 Jul

“I want to be like a sunflower so that even on the darkest days I will stand tall and find the sunlight.”



I’m really getting a kick out of making these time-lapse painting videos. It makes the painting look so easy and fun. And guess what? It is easy and fun. It probably takes me ten times longer to think of what to paint than the whole production takes. Heaven forbid I should try and come up with an idea before 9pm.

What I like about this simple abstract painting is, I used just inexpensive Crayola brand watercolors, a flat brush, and a sheet of card stock paper and a black sharpie. Nothing fancy or expensive, and anyone can afford to give it a try, especially the kids.

Well here it is. Inspired by the beautiful sunflower fields near Whitewright that Sherri and I visited last week.

Tuesday:) Two Talented McKinney Artists~ Wayne & Valerie Batchelder

12 Feb

“Happiness [is] only real when shared”

― Jon Krakauer


Last night, we had such a wonderful potluck gathering at The Cove for our monthly McKinney Creative Community meeting. There was great food, friendship, conversation, sharing, and a presentation by local artists Wayne and Valerie Batchelder.

The main focus wasn’t as much on the creativity and craftsmanship of the couple, but more about how do two artists manage to work independently, stay focused, and stay married. The summary from both Valerie and Wayne was that they both admired each other’s talent, never criticized or critiqued, but most importantly, that they both understood that inner drive and need to create, no matter how long it takes or the time it takes away from other things. They both “get it.” How cool is that!

Valerie loves to create her whimsical portraits, but also enjoys stylized or realistic landscapes and florals.

Wayne is a gifted potter who spends endless hours forming lumps of clay into beautiful works of art.

It was fascinating how he described with such excitement how an old twisted piece of wood was destined to become a handle for an organic platter or coffee mug.

And the best part of our wonderful McKinney Creative Community is that everyone and anyone is welcome. Everyone learns and shares. Everyone is inspired and everyone knows that art is a part of all of us.

If you’re interested in joining us, check Facebook or Google McKinney Creative Community.

Friday Friends, a Feast, and Forgetful Me

8 Oct

The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche


It’s Fiday again. The days just stumble and rumble by. But, the first Friday of the month, I go over to Towne Creek for our senior art group. Today, we were celebrating Miss Bonnie’s birthday. I got up early to get my walk in, then go to the store for a birthday cake, ice cream and more snacks. I went to the store yesterday and got most of the fixin’s, but I wanted to get a fresh cake today. Plus, I forgot the potatoes for the potatoe soup I was going to make.

I made a grocery list, but forgot it on the kitchen counter. Guess what? I came home without the potatoes…again. I picked up a Snickers cake and Snickers ice cream for the birthday, and some gelato for me. When I got home and realized I forgot the potatoes, I sampled the gelato to drown my sorrows. Here’s the note left on the counter.

Instead, I made a tamale casserole to go with the hot dogs and chips. I’d already started the veggies for the potatoe soup, so I took the note and taped it on my car dash so I could pick them up on my way home.

Here’s the fixin’s for the feast.

When I got to Towne Creek, we worked on some watercolor techniques using side loading and double loading of watercolor. Then, time for the birthday party feast, cake and ice cream.

We had a nice celebration. We cleaned up our mess, did the dishes, and I packed up and was out the door by 6:15. I stopped at Walmart on my way home to fill up the gas tank and…yes…pick up some potatoes. I remembered. Yay! The big ol’note on my dash board may have had something to do with it. I have been known to put post it notes on my shirt. 

It ain’t easy getting old!

I got home in time to catch another amazing sunset. My life is full and splashing over with glorious color…from sunrise to sunset.

Wednesday:) What a Wonderful Watercolor, Mom…and You’re Having WHAT For Dinner?

9 Jun

“I’ve had many amazing best friends in my lifetime, but the most amazing best friend has always been my sweet mother.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I always tell Mom, “The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.” We are both a couple of nuts. We spent the entire day together, just chatting, giggling, snacking, eating, painting, more snacking, visiting friends, and checking out the entertainment downstairs.

We sat down at the table and worked on a watercolor landscape this afternoon. As always, the student surpassed the teacher. We looked at a photo from my trip to Santa Fe and I suggested how to sketch it out and what colors to use. She did a great job. I like hers better.

This is pretty good. Mine or Mom’s???

This one is pretty good. Mine or Mom’s???

Did you guess right???

Yes, the first one, the more colorful mountains and vibrant sky is Mom’s. I’ve always said,”I’m not a great artist but, man…I’m a great teacher.”

When we finished painting, it was almost time to pick up her dinner from downstairs. The hot dog just sat on the counter, didn’t look too appetizing. The dessert was a brownie with a tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream. When we came up, mom said that she always throws out the brownie and just eats the ice cream. What? Sacrilege! I told her that I’d eat the brownie. So, I added a little chocolate frozen yogurt on my brownie, and I added another scoop of ice cream from her freezer onto her dish. Guess what we had for dinner? Yep! We had ice cream for dinner.

The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. Like mother like daughter.

Saturday:) Some More Stories About Friendship

5 Jun

“A friend will say have fun and wave goodbye. A good friend gives you a ride to the airport and sends you off with a hug.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis

(Thanks Karen)

As promised, I’m writing about Friday friendships on Saturday because Friday I wanted to write about Thursday friendships yesterday. But, to add to the confusion, I’ll throw in a Saturday story about today at the end of the Friday wrap up here. I just like to mess with you.

The first Friday of the month, I volunteer teaching art to a lovely bunch of seniors at Towne Creek Apartments. I used to go every Friday for about eight years, but that’s another long story. I always bring some lunch, snacks, dessert, drinks, etc. I made some homemade egg salad with mayo and cream cheese, prepared a dozen sandwiches, I took fixins for cheese nachos, and cream cheese with blackberry jam spread for crackers and sugar cookies. (Hmm? A cheesy theme going on here.)

I was inspired by my trip to Santa Fe, so I brought some examples of the watercolors I had done and also brought around 200 photos for possible references. Armed with a basket of food, watercolor paper, brushes, paints, etc., I arrived around 2:30. We looked at pictures for a while then dove into our projects. Miss Kathy had her two grandchildren visiting and asked if it was ok for them to join us. Well, of course.

I think Miss Kathy’s is as nice As the one in the museum.

Her granddaughter painted a bird feeder.

Miss Bonnie’s work in progress.

Mr. Angel didn’t get to finish his Georgia O’Keefe.

We took a break for dinner.

This was my watercolor example.

This is Miss Nelma’s watercolor. Very nice.

When I got home around 6:30, I went for a walk. It’s been so darn rainy, I haven’t been able to get much walking in. Then, I needed to pack for my trip to Chicago, straighten the house, and try and get some sleep. It was well after 4am before I fell asleep. (I’m a nervous traveler) Then, I set the alarm for 8 am but woke up at 7. 

Here’s the other friendship story. My good friend Karen picked me up at 10:30 this morning to take me to the airport. Only a good friend will take you to the airport and say, “Any time.” And, really mean it. I hate going to the airport, but I’ll do it for family and good friends. The rest of you are on your own. 

It’s been a long day, but a good day.

Wednesday:) Why, What a Wonderful Watercolor Miss Toni…Why, Thank You!

1 Jun

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” ― Pablo Picasso


Not only do I keep a daily diary and take a zillion pictures and write a daily blog, but sometimes I take a special photo and attempt a painting. Sometimes I write a poem to go along with a photo. Sometimes I do both.

My trip to Santa Fe was filled with inspirational sights and sounds, magical vistas, beautiful buildings, magnificent museums, and charming people. These were a couple  of my favorite photos of the distant mountains. The layers of misty color were fabulous, begging to be a watercolor.

I enjoyed playing with the blank white paper until it rendered a happy likeness.

The clouds are fun. Some wet blue paint and a few dabs of a soft Kleenex tissue, voila! Clouds. (Don’t I have a messy palette?)

The first few layers of mountains.

This is what I caught a glimpse of…

Wednesday Words of Wisdom and One Weeks Worth of Nails

5 Feb

“Does progress mean that we dissolve our ancient myths? If we forget our legends, I fear that we shall close an important door to the imagination”
― James Christensen
Shiny new buildings and skyscrapers are a sign of progress, but there’s a lot to be said for the old days and the old ways. Today, I am combining my blog with my Facebook artist challenge. Here is one of my watercolor paintings along with a poem that I wrote about an old weathered door.

An old door in Bonham, Texas.

“Does progress mean that we dissolve our ancient myths? If we forget our legends, I fear that we shall close an important door to the imagination”
― James Christensen
Let’s not forget our legends. Let’s not throw away the old for something new. Newer, younger, shinier isn’t always better.

WOW! Here is one weeks worth of nails that I found while walking. Saving the world from flat tires. I think this was a world’s record. Where’s my cape? Oh yes, I found several shiny lucky pennies, too. SUPER TONI