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Wednesday:) What Do YOU See?

27 Feb

“What we do see depends mainly on what we look for. … In the same field the farmer will notice the crop, the geologists the fossils, botanists the flowers, artists the colouring, sportmen the cover for the game. Though we may all look at the same things, it does not all follow that we should see them.”

― John Lubbock


When I took my first step out of the front door this morning, I saw something glistening in the grass. We had a misty rain all night, so there were droplets poised on the grass and clinging to the trees. When I took a closer look, I thought maybe it was bubble wrap because of the intricate webbed design. I’m still not sure what it is, but it sure is beautiful.

Not to be outdone, Mother Nature provided another beautiful illusion on the street. Some might say it looks like someone’s car was leaking gas or oil. What do you see?

Look closely. I see an angel. Can you see it? My mind just works that way. Don’t feel bad if you just see a colorful gas spill.

Have a great Wednesday.

Wednesday:) What Do You See?

28 Apr

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.Albert Einstein


If you are from McKinney, there’s a very good chance you know exactly who this is. If you live in the historic district, you not only know who this is, you’re probably good friends with him. I’m not giving it away, but his handsome handlebar mustache is as funky as his socks and as fun as his bow tie. (Often called Mr.McKinney)

What do you see? Beautiful artwork or sewer covers? I see artwork.