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What the Heck Wednesday

7 Aug

Show me somebody who is always smiling, always cheerful, always optimistic, and I will show you somebody who hasn’t the faintest idea what the heck is really going on.
~Mike Royko
That’s a good quote, Mike. As a rule, I was always smiling, cheerful, etc. Not so much lately, but in the past. Just goes to show, I didn’t have the faintest idea what the heck was going on.

I’m older, wiser, and maybe not as cheerful, but I’ve gotten a lot smarter, a lot tougher. I kinda liked that naive looking through rose colored glasses life, but it wasn’t the real world.

I still smile and laugh quite a bit, and look forward to a lot more in the future. That’s optimism, right? Yes, I’m still optimistic.

Here’s my photo for WHAT THE HECK WEDNESDAY:

What the heck, Walmart???