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Wednesday:) What’s Cookin’ Miss Toni

18 Feb

“When the going gets tough, the tough get cookin’ and bakin’ and eating junk food.” ~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Well, we’re still in a terrible deep freeze here in North Texas. I stayed under the covers till almost noon. No place to go, nothin’ exciting to do. Just an update… I’ve been very fortunate with no loss of power, not like the majorly of my friends and neighbors. I’m just hoping to hang in there for a few more days. Feeling blessed.

When we got our first layer of snow and arctic blast a couple of days ago, the dog started barking by the front door. Strange? When I looked out the window, the two neighbor kids nextdoor were shoveling my driveway and sidewalk. It was such a kind gesture, and I’m sure the two teenagers were freezing out there.

Before and after.

I decided to bake a few brownies for my kind neighbors. Nothin’ says thank you like my famous brownies. I have been blessed with the kindest neighbors and friends.

Seeing as I wasn’t going anywhere today, or for a few more days, what to have for lunch? Hmm? Pretty much whatever I want. Let’s see what’s in the fridge. Spicy Curly fries and grapes. Sounds good.

Well, Must be time to make some more brownies and my favorite peanut butter no bake cheesecake to top it off with. That should last a few days… maybe…

Sending warm thoughts to you and yours. 🤗🙏

Wednesday:) What’s Cookin’ Miss Toni?

10 Dec

“There’s always something Cookin’ with me, but not always in the kitchen.”

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day in the 70’s. Awesome! I had gone to the store and heard this little voice in my head saying, “Your car is really dirty. You need to go to the car wash.” Or was that someone actually saying that. Mr. Jerry mentioned a few weeks back, when it was going to rain, that maybe I should put my car outside to get it washed. I think he was hinting. I did drive in the rain, but God didn’t do a very good job on the free wash. I’m not a big car or car wash person, so I get my car washed maybe twice a year. I’ve taken the hose to it in the summer if I was watering plants. Dirt doesn’t bother me. It’s rather artist friendly, I can write my name or make a cool design.

Well, I broke down, spent $6 and went through the car wash. I even pulled over to the side where they had the heavy duty vacuums. I was going all out today.

When I went to get the super duper vacuum , there was a lucky penny right on the pavement. See, I got paid to wash and vacuum my car.
Wow! Looks like new.

Now, for what really was Cookin’. I made a vegetarian tostada. I warmed up a flour tortilla in a dry skillet until it got crispy. I added black beans, baby spinach, and pepper jack cheese, then topped with fresh tomatoes and some AWESOME Bernard’s Gourmet Foods Salsa. (There’s another long story about that salsa, but it will have to wait a few days.)

Bernard’s Salsa is the best!!!

Now, let’s see where is… Elvis on the Shelvis today.

Elvis is doing a little light reading today.