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Wednesday:) What’s Cookin’ Miss Toni?~ Chicken Pot Pie Pasta

24 Oct

“When you can’t decide what to cook, open the freezer and the pantry, just throw it all in a big pot and hope for the best.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Well, so much for the sunshine. I needed my raincoat and umbrella for my morning walk. Seeing as I’m stranded here all afternoon, waiting for Joplin’s AC and Heating to come for my fall check up and filter change, I’ll do a little painting and have some of my homemade Chicken Pot Pie Pasta.

This is how my brain works when I cook. (No recipe was harmed in the making of this concoction.) I open my overstuffed freezer and fridge and see what I have.

Sunday, I bought some fried chicken, on sale, of course. I only ate one piece, so the rest was in the fridge. Hmm, chicken soup maybe? So, I peeled off and discarded the crunchy skin, and threw the meat in a big pot to boil while I went for a long walk. When I came home, I scooped out the chicken to cool while I diced up and threw in carrots, onions, celery. Let’s see what’s in the freezer? Several small bags of diced red pepper, green pepper, some spinach, and more onion. All small leftovers waiting for a new-over. Ooh, a bag of frozen peas. I needed to get a second big pot to divide and conquer.

Let’s see what’s in the pantry? A couple of cans of corn, 3 cans of cream of chicken soup, and two boxes of mini penne pasta. While all the veggies cooked, I peeled all the meat from the cooled chicken bones, diced that up and added to the soup. Because it started looking like the inside of a chicken pot pie, I added three cans of cream of chicken soup. Now, if I just had a pie crust the size of a laundry tub, I’d make a big pot pie. Nope!


I let that simmer several hours while I procrastinated on Facebook. Then, I got out yet another big pot and boiled the mini penne pasta, drained, and added to the mixtures.

After it cooled, I got out all my plastic containers and started filling them up, sprinkling a little Parmesan cheese on top. Now, what to do with all this yummy food?

I took four containers and four turkey sandwiches to Miss Nelma over at Towne Creek when I visited her the other day. (She’s feeling a tiny bit better now and has a little appetite.) that should last her a few days. I took one container to Miss Kathy across the street, one over to Mr. Danny around the corner, and I put two in Mr. Mike’s freezer. I ate a big bowl yesterday, and only have two containers left in the fridge. I’ll have some for dinner today. Maybe sooner than later. All these pictures are making me hungry.

(Disregard all the beer on the side. Some of those bottles have been in there a couple of years. Does beer go bad?)

So, that’s my un-recipe for chicken pot pie pasta.