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Sunday Sermon: The Stanley Cup vs Women of the World

23 Jun

I’ll admit it, all I know about the game of hockey could fit in a thimble with room to spare. A bunch of big burly guys (always bearded during the playoffs) skate around with long wooden sticks, pushing and smashing each other, all to get a black rubber disk into a netted goal. There’s a blue line, wait, two blue lines, and the guys aren’t suppose to do something while passing the puck around that line. Maybe it’s like red rover. I’m not sure. They don’t have quarters or halftime, they have three periods. How goofy is that? Not very symmetrical. So there…that’s all I know about hockey.

Last night, during game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals, those big guys were really being rough. Yes, I was watching hockey. I’m from Chicago and the Blackhawks were up against the Bruins…youse know I gotta watch. One of the Bruins guys, Bergeron, was hurt so bad, they announced that he was taken away in an ambulance. I blurted out, “OH NO!” My husband interjected, “It wasn’t a Hawk, it was a Boston player. It’s OK.” I said, “I know. It doesn’t matter who it was, someone got hurt.” He just shook his head.

Here is where the woman factor comes in. Now, I’m just speaking for myself, but I’m sure for the majority of women. Someone was seriously hurt and taken away in an ambulance. Women are mothers, sisters, healers and nurturers. We don’t understand why any player getting hurt is a good thing. It’s a hockey GAME. Note the word GAME.

I was telling Mom this story this morning, and she agreed with me and said, “It kinda reminds me of the ancient Romans. They made them fight to the death for all the people to watch.” Woa! Great analogy, Mom. But, I hope we are better than that. Maybe, maybe not. GO HAWKS!!!


Wild Whacky Women on Wednesday

17 Jan

What’s crazier than a group of wild whacky women? Answer: A group of wild whacky women artist girlfriends learning to knit after too much caffeine.

Today being Wednesday, I knew it was going to be a whacky day. The TOTS, (Table Of Talent Sisters) were meeting at SNUG on the Square Coffee Shop in downtown McKinney to learn how to knit. Knit? You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and you can’t teach this old gal how to knit. It was hilarious!

Our good friend, Gail, had knitted some beautiful scarves for all her friends this past Christmas, so we all wanted to learn how to knit scarves. Well, almost all of us. I am dexterously challenged. Today was the day. Today was a joke! But, I must admit, after four hours of poking, tangling, laughing, crying and yanking out mistakes, I believe that I have the most beautiful six inch chain stitch known to man. Well, maybe five inches. It’s like men and fishing, the fish gets longer each time the story is repeated. (We won’t even go there.)

The moral of the story is, you can lead a whacky woman to water, or coffee in this case, but you can’t make her knit.

(These are my girlfriends. They all did a lot better than I did)