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Wednesday Words of Wisdom and the Wonderful Women of St. Gabriel’s

10 Sep

When we give cheerfully and gratefully, everyone is blessed.
~Maya Angelou
Yesterday, I had to make the big decision of whether to go to the monthly McKinney Creative Community pot luck gathering, or attend the St. Gabriel’s Women’s Club meeting. They both meet on the same day and time very month. I hadn’t been to the St. Gabriel’s group since last October. 
It was their yearly kick-off meeting, so I decided to attend. It was also a good way to meet some new ladies and make friends. The meeting started off with a pizza, salad, and cannoli dinner. I thought, I usually make brownies for MCC, so I made a double batch of brownies. One to take to church, and the other to share with neighbors. Of course, I had to start out with a funny face in the mix.


The women were all very friendly and welcoming. I only recognized a few familiar faces from 9o’clock Mass. They played a fun ice-breaker game. They passed out various colored rubber bands and had us each chose one. Later, we were asked to find everyone with the same color band and introduce yourself and see if you could discover something you had in common. Very fun! One lady was also from Chicago. I suggested we put our hands together with our bands for a photo op.

This group and funds, sponsors, and helps with many charitable activities. I was very proud of myself because I was able to leave unscathed, without signing up to chair any committees. Of course, I will be donating time, baked goods, and garage sale items at different times, but NO committees.