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Friday and New Friends

2 Feb

Friday has been a day of friendship and fun for many years now. A group of lovely seniors meet every Friday afternoon at Towne Creek Apartments in McKinney, Texas. Being a part of this group has been a highlight of my career. What career? I don’t have a career, I’m a writer, artist, and all-around goofy gal. But on Fridays, I’m the young gal who comes to spend some artistic time with the Young At Heart Artists, the YAH-YAHs. It feels good to be 60 years old and be the young gal. We paint, draw, create crafty projects, and have fun.

Today, was especially a fun day. It was Miss Kathy’s birthday, so I baked a chocolate cake and made Mexican food for the celebration. We had a new resident, Miss Elaine, join us for the first time and Mr.Angel came to paint with us. I met him over a year ago at the senior center and had invited him to join us. He showed up today. How cool!

Our painting project for the past few weeks has been painting glass bowls for the Empty Bowls charity event coming up February 21st at St. Peter’s. What everyone loves about the project is the fact that the bowls will be donated to raise money to feed the less fortunate, a way to “pay it forward.” So, having two new people join us, just added to our excitement.

I just love making new friends and spending time with old ones. Well, we aren’t really that old! I hope you get a chance to make some new friends on Friday, or any other day.

Miss Elaine painted a lovely bowl. She hasn’t painted in many years and enjoyed her first attempt.

SeƱor Angel had fun, too.