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Tuesday: Artistic Tips and Tricks

24 Apr

Positive anything is better than negative nothing.
Elbert Hubbard

Positive and negative, Yin and Yang, black and white, they are opposite, but one requires the other to fulfill its purpose.

I was playing around with some positive and negative forms and shapes. The peace sign is making a comeback.(Far out, man. Who knew the 60’s and 70’s would return?) I took 2 sheets of different 12×12 paper in ‘groovey’ colors and traced a peace sign and cut them both out with an exacto knife. I glued the black patterned peace sign on the rainbow paper and vice-versa. It looked kinda plain, so I embellished with silver paint to look like metal.(hard to tell on photo) It was a fun project, and made me contemplate how this relates to life. You can take the negative and turn it into positive, you just have flip it over to work for you.

The moral of the story is: look at both the positive and the negative. You can make the best of both.


There are some interesting videos on Notan design art on YouTube if you want to learn more.