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Tipsy Tuesday: Sideways Zumba

2 Jul

Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr. (Brainyquote.com)

No, sideways Zumba is not the newest exercise or dance craze sweeping the country. What it entails is, a ditzy camera person, (yours truly) an iPad, and a room full of energetic women in a Zumba class at the local YMCA. I never know when the iPad is going to switch directions on me, or how to change it in movie mode afterwards. I did figure out though, how to pick out stills from the movie and turn those right-side-upways.(I made that word up too. Feel free to borrow it.) So, that’s not too ignorant, is it?

OK, I’m sure a 9 year old could explain all this techno-editing-enhancing mumbo-jumbo to me, but I’m old and I don’t have any 9 year olds around. Consequently, I will be forced to stumble around through the cyber world totally confused and alone. Thank goodness most of my friends are in the same boat without a life jacket, so they will understand.

If anyone knows how to fix this, let me know, or just tilt your head sideways like the rest of us.



Theme Song Thursday: Dog’s Best Friend, Bunny’s Worst Enemy

27 Jun

Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent.
Milan Kundera

Our dog, Bucky, doesn’t realize he isn’t a puppy anymore. He wants to play all the time and doesn’t understand why his old buddy doesn’t share his enthusiasm. He’s always doing something goofy. Thank goodness a camera is always nearby.


As I was writing this post, our dear little Buck scratched at the door, wanting to come in. He had something in his mouth. I couldn’t tell exactly what it was, but it wasn’t the usual stick or rock. No!!! The tiny legs protruding from his mouth, wiggling in desperation led me to believe a small creature had been captured. Yikes! Now what? I chased Buck around the yard with a broom for ten minutes yelling, “Drop it!” He jumped up on the levered door handle and ran in the house with his conquest. I finally cornered him in the family room, spritzed him with one of the many handy water spray bottles and clobbered him with the broom. (Gently clobbered) I grabbed a page from the newspaper to retrieve the stunned baby bunny and then carried him back outside. He was still alive as I placed him safely beyond the fence and away from harms way.

Poor Buck didn’t know it was bad to capture and toy with the bunny. He’s a hunting dog. It’s instinct, not malice. I think he just wanted to play with the little fury thing. It reminded me of Lennie from Steinbeck’s, “Of Mice and Men.” He just wanted to hold the soft bunny. (I hope the little thing makes it.)


Tuesday Tips and Tricks: Blogging, Marketing, and Magic

26 Jun

I recently watched a free webinar by author and marketing expert, Guy Kawasaki. His advice focused on using social media to help authors sell their books, but the information is useful for anyone trying to sell anything, share info, or just be heard. If you have time, check it out on this link or on YouTube. Great tips!


What I also noticed on Guy’s Twitter page is that he posts like…all the time. I have no desire to be plugged into a device all day. All good things in moderation. He must be Type A. I’m Type L.(L for lazy) But again, he is very successful and has some excellent advice. Another of my favorite tips: unplug once in a while and talk to REAL people.

Now for the magic. Want to make your own slurpees or frozen Cokes at home, fast and easy? Check out this link.


Friday: Fun, Friends and Video Tapes

13 Apr

Where does the week go? I swear, one day it’s Sunday, then you blink and its Friday. My morning involved the usual dog and crazy puppy nonsense, food, treats, in and out, out and in, tearing around the house and tearing up the house. My momentary reprieve was a quick trip to the store to get some snacks and pick up a couple Papa Murphy pizzas for my afternoon painting group at 2. On the way home, I stopped at the tennis courts to watch my friends win a make-up match from Wednesday’s rainout, then home.

A couple hours later, feed the dogs again, and pack up the car with my art supplies and pizzas. Everyone always asks me, “What are you going to work on today?” The reply is usually the same,”I don’t know until I get there and see what they want to do or whatever comes to me. We always wing it.”

A few weeks back, I met this sweet lady named Jane at Snug on the Square. I had invited her to join our painting class at Towne Creek anytime. She said she never painted and would love to learn. I promised her that if she came to just one class, I could teach her to paint bluebonnets. Well, she showed up today, and guess what? Here’s a picture of Jane and her masterpiece after about an hour of practice. Wow! Great job Jane!


Another friend, Krys stopped by. She wanted to give the bluebonnets a try too. She was a natural.


Miss Nelma was kind enough to take a video of my quick bluebonnet demonstration so I could post it on YouTube. I always wanted to do that. Now I can strike that off my bucket list. I’ve done a zillion painting demos and always say afterwards, “Man, this turned out great. I wish I had this on video.” Duh!

You may or may not get this video link on your post. I can’t figure out when it posts or not.


So, my Friday was filled with fun and friends, and now captured for posterity on video. I just may do that more often.