Saturday: Sultry Summer and Serious Sinning

22 Jun

The summer sunshine called my name today. I grabbed my iPad, my iPhone, and my iMagination. (I was hoping I made that up, but Mr. Google said otherwise.) My favorite way to spend a Saturday is sitting at Snug on the Square with a tall iced tea and friends. I usually don’t have an agenda other than to see who I bump into or do some painting or sketching. Today, I ran into Pernie Fallon, (fabulous local McKinney artist) and her friend, Donna Simmons. Guess what? Now, I have a new friend named Donna. Don’t you just love making friends by osmosis? Me too!


A few hours slipped away under the shade of the outdoor umbrella, with pleasant conversation and a warm Texas breeze, it was a perfect morning. Driving home, I was mentally making a long list of all the things I should be doing. You noticed I said, “should be.” Ever since I became a self-proclaimed writer, (I’m the only one who thinks I’m a writer) I spend more hours checking emails, scanning Facebook, and writing my daily blog, than I do housework and chores. So, what do you think I did when I got home. Yep? You’re right.

Now, for the serious sinning. During the adventures of writing my blog, I’ve found many extremely interesting blogs to follow. Today, I noticed a link from Jennifer on that had some tips on what photos you can and cannot post on your own blog. I am a very BIG sinner when it comes to that. I pretty much thought anything that you Google is fair game as long as you give credit to the source. I guess not. The only absolute safe photo to post is one that you take yourself. Then you can let other people unknowingly steal your photos. Works for me.

Hope you learned something new. I did.

Random photo: McKinney Performing Art Center… I took it myself…feel free to steal.

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