Sentimental Saturday

3 Aug

The value of a sentiment is the amount of sacrifice you are prepared to make for it.
John Galsworthy Quotes
Saturday started off with three loops around the neighborhood, around a 4 1/2 mile,walk, then off to meet my writing friends, back to the house to start chipping away at the packing challenge. When there is so much to do, it’s almost too difficult know where to start. I’m very good at spinning my wheels and not getting much done, I find myself starting in one room and shuffling into another. I started in the garage with a huge pile of left over garage sale items that had to be reassigned,save or donate.

Then, back to the kitchen, taking glassware and dishes from cabinets, piling them all over the counters.The kitchen looks like a bomb exploded and spewed out paper, boxes, spices, dishes and utensils.

It was getting late, so I went for my evening walk with my neighbor Vicki. Two times around before dark. I found another lucky penny on the street.

Back to the boxes. While I was going through the cabinets in the dining room, I took out the endless boxes of family photos, albums and old slides. It was extremely painful to glance at the old photos albums from family trips, ticket stubs and post cards from all over the world, London, Tokyo, and Paris. The old album from our honeymoon from 1975 in the Bahamas went right into the trash. I couldn’t throw many photos away, maybe later, maybe not. For now, just pack them away to deal with another time.

“And miles to go before I sleep.”


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