Wednesday:) What Wonderful Things Did You See and Do Today, Miss Toni?

25 Sep

“It is good people who make good places.”

― Anna Sewell


The greatest way to way up every morning is THANKFUL. When you start getting old, like me, (Well, I’m not THAT old, but I’m Medicare old) the first thing I do in the morning is open my eyes, say thank you to the “Big Guy” upstairs, (No, I don’t have a sumo wrestler tenant) and begin my day with gratitude. I think of all the projects and people that will fill my day, and I feel blessed.

This morning, I got up around 7:30 so I could walk Bella before I met the JULIETS for breakfast. JULIETS- Just Us Ladies Into Everything Together Sisters. That’s a mouthful, but a rebuttal to the ROMEOs-Retired Old Men Eating Out that some of our guy friends belong to.

It was a beautiful morning. The sun was bursting through the clouds, as if to say… “ready or not, here I come.”

After walking Bella, I wanted to get a little solo walking in. (2 miles) As I walked briskly through the neighborhood, thoughts started popping into my head. They are not always happy pleasant thoughts. It’s been six years, but some of those dark memories of lies, betrayal, and pain filter into my brain, even on a gorgeous morning. Then all of a sudden, as if to say, “Don’t go there, Mija,” a beautiful dark butterfly fluttered right into my face and circled around me. I had to laugh and say, “OK, OK! Focus on your blessings.” I twirled around and tried to whip out my phone to take a picture, but I wasn’t quick enough. But, a few steps down the street, a similar, if not the same butterfly was sitting patiently on the sidewalk. I was able to take a picture, but it flew away when I tried to place it in my hand. (Butterflies come and talk to me sometimes.) This one wasn’t chatty.

Now, I was smiling and walking and singing show tunes in my head, and planning my day. I saw beautiful clouds, colorful crepe myrtle trees, and waved to the garbage truck as it passed me by several times. That’s more like it.

I met Pat, Linda and Loretta for breakfast at Starwood. Pat, the Cookie Lady, brought cookies, of course. Carlos, our server, was the grateful recipient of the ones we didn’t eat. While we chatted, I asked the ladies if they’d be interested in helping out Holy Family School with some food donations, maybe once a month or so. I told them that Kroger had Quaker granola bars on sale for 99cents this week, and if they picked some up, I’d be happy to take them over. Loretta and I stopped at Kroger after breakfast and purchased a bunch. (Loretta didn’t want me to take her picture, but I had to capture that lovely smile.

I ran a few errands on the way home, then took Bella for another walk. She loves her walks in the park. It was already getting warm, so we take short walks in the shady parts.

I just asked Google what the temp is and she said, “The temperature in McKinney is currently 97, but with the humid, it feels like 104.” Yikes! I think I said a bad word. It’s Fall, y’all. What’s with this weather?

A lazy afternoon, with a quick visit to the Vet for Bella to get some routine shots and such. She was a trooper. I think I was shaking more than she was.

I’ll finish up with my evening view from the park.

A wonderful Wednesday. I hope your day was just as wonderful. Oh wait, there’s chocolate ice cream in the freezer… it gets even better.

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