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A Steamy Saturday On The Square

23 Jul

“If you seek creative ideas go walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes fora walk.” 

― Raymond I. Myers


It was REALLY HOT today, but I was tired of being cooped up in the house, so I headed over to the Square. That’s my happy feel-good place. 

My first stop was a visit to Sweet Spot Bakery. Miss Elizabeth was working on a beautiful wedding cake. Why didn’t I take a picture? Here’s a sample.

I walked over to the Little Free Pantry outside of Hugs Cafe and added some canned goods. It’s looking pretty empty. If you have some things to share, stop by and drop them off. Of course, you kinda have to live near McKinney. 

Right next door is Bay Willow Design. The owner, and my friend Jenny, was busy creating a wonderful hat, and there was a workshop going on. Ladies making and spdesigning their own hats.

Jill was working on a clothing project using vintage fabric and original patterns.

Now, for my favorite visit to The Cove, a wonderful art gallery a few blocks away. This week, they were featuring several local potters and ceramic artists. 

My friends Steve, and his daughter Alex were there. Both fabulous potters, but Minda, Steve’s talented wife was out of town, so they created a paper plate face called, FLAT MINDA. This way friends could take selfies with her at the reception.

Steve, Minda, and me. We had a nice visit, and I found several beautiful pieces that will soon be decorating my house. 

When I went back to my car, hmmm….I think someone hid one of those cute painted rocks in a pretty obvious spot.

A nice day on the Square in McKinney.

Saturday:) Some Hidden Treasures

16 Jul

“There are many types of hidden treasure. My favorite type is of the two legged variety.

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Yesterday, I met some friends for lunch at Barn Light. I thought it would be the perfect place to hide my first “McKinney Rocks” hand-painted rock. I placed it outside the restaurant under a tree. We ate and visited for almost two hours, so I half expected the cute little rock to be gone when we left. I noticed it was still right where I placed it, so I said, “Hmm? I wonder if there are any hidden painted rocks lying around somewhere?” My friends started looking high and low, and Karen spotted it first and was tickled to death.

The option was to keep it or re-hide it somewhere else in McKinney. She liked it too much to part with the hidden treasure.

After lunch, I did a little shopping, then home to walk Bella. It’s so hot out. I’ve been taking her out for five or six short walks. Afterwards, I downed a couple of glasses of ice water and ventured out for my own longer walk. I came home, put my feet up, drank more water and dilly-dallied on Facebook. 

Last night, I saw that my friends Sherri and Michael were having an open house Saturday for their beautiful home that is for sale, so I offered to loan them my St. Joseph statue to bury. (It’s not just a Catholic thing. Many people use it to sell their house.) So, I posted on Facebook that if the Murphy’s wanted to pick up St, Joseph, it was also Black Russian Friday. To my delight, the response was, “We’ll be right over.” 

St, Joseph, my personal buried treasure who hopefully will bring them a quick sale.

My favorite treasure of all… the two legged variety. The Murphy’s.

My treasures are many, countless as the stars.

Friday:) Friends and Firey Hot Summer Days 

8 Jul

Summer is a promissory note signed in June, its long days spent and gone before you know it, and due to be repaid next January. 

~Hal Borland


After my positive experience at the YMCA yesterday, I decided to go back this morning and ride the stationary bike for a while. My bad knee felt a little looser after 5 miles yesterday, so I went for 6 miles today, about 25 minutes. 

Afterwards, I stopped at the store to pick up fixings for lunch and snacks and ice cream for my senior art group at Towne Creek. Of course, I had to stop in at Papa Murphy’s to say hi to Miss Karri and pick up a Friday pepperoni pizza for Mr. Mike.

Off to Towne Creek at 2 for our art group. Our Friday feast included hot dogs, homemade turkey noodle soup, potato chips, Sprite, and for dessert, my homemade chocolate peanut butter gooey bars topped with Texas prailine ice cream.

I got home by 6:30, unpacked my car and went for a quick walk. Man! It was hot out there. Too hot! But, I need to keep acclimating to the heat ’cause it’s gonna be a long hot summer. Plus, afterwards, my reward is a tall glass of ice water, air conditioning and the ceiling fan. 

Now, as soon as this is posted…it’s Black Russian Friday. Yay!!!!

Friday:) Four Years Ago and Today~ Friends, Fires and Birthday Parties

1 Jul

There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.

~ Thomas Aquinas


When I checked my Facebook page today, the first thing it posted was the memory page from the past years. I’m always excited to see what I did last year or four years or six years ago on this day. I totally forgot about four years ago, on this day, I played “fireman” in my old neighborhood, when I noticed some billowing black smoke coming from next door. I tried calling the Reynold’s, but no one answered. I didn’t know if hey were home or not, and  perhaps didn’t see the smoke in their back yard. When I went over to investigate, there was a billow of black smoke and fire by the pipes and foam that housed their pool equipment. Panic! Do I call 911 and take a chance that the fire gets bigger and jumps up to the house, or reach around the corner, grab the hose and try to put it out? I chose the latter. After the smoldering stopped, I did call 911 and had them come out to check, just in case Toni, the firefighter, didn’t get it all under control.

I did a pretty good job, considering I didn’t have my Fire hat on. Nice memory. I’m glad I was around. 

Now, for today. Today is my good friend Sherri Murphy’s birthday. I received a text from her this afternoon inviting me to join the family for dinner and birthday cake. That was so nice because I do feel like part of the family. Jim went with me and we had a very nice time. I brought Black Russian fixin’s. It is Black Russian Friday, after all!

Happy birthday Dherri Murphy. 


And, Black Tussian Friday buddies.

Theme Song Thursday:) Get Your Act Tohether

30 Jun

“Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination” ― Christina Scalise, Organize Your Life and More


Wow! In August, it will be three years in my new house. The inside is pretty much settled, but I wouldn’t say perfect. I haven’t really hung up any of my artwork and paintings. The problem is there is just too much to pick from. I literally have hundreds of watercolors, acrylic, oils, mixed media paintings lying around or stacked up. It’s my own work, but I just can’t make decisions.

Now, the garage is another story. When I moved in August 23, 2014, (which is a whole new amazing story in itself) the movers set up the shelves in my garage and were kind enough to fill all the shelves for me. The problem is, I had no idea what was in all the boxes and bins. 

Today, my friend Jim said he would help me tackle the debacle that was in my garage. There was no rhyme or reason to any of it. I needed to get my act together. An example of the goofy stuff in my garage…a bin of Old Comiskey Park bricks from the old ball park when they tore it down, tools, three battery chargers, two air compressors, painting supplies, and hundreds of other buzzard items. All these were left for me to sort through when the EX left. All his stuff that he didn’t feel like dealing with, and I didn’t have time to sort through. I threw it all in boxes, packed it up and moved it to my new house. I also have bins and bins of sentimental toys and baby things from my sons. Can’t part with those. Then, don’t even start with my crafts and glassware and picture frames. Yikes!

We spent a good seven hours tackling the garage, without rest, a few sips of water, and no food all day. By 7p.m., we made a big dent in the organizing. Jim did all the heavy lifting and toting, and I sorted and made piles to donate or toss. The once over stuffed shelves now are organized, labeled and there are even a couple of empty spots.


Not only did my valiant helper work his butt off, he took me to dinner when we finished. Afterwards we stopped at Lowes, and he bought me a tool box, a saw, a new drill, (I didn’t have one) and a bunch of other necessary tools that every home should have.

Look at me all organized and professional! Don’t I have the best friends ever?

Sunday Sermon, Smiles, and Some Other Stuff

25 Jun

“More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart


A gorgeous Texas morning, not too hot, not too cold. It was great to be back at St. Gabriel’s again and greeting at the door with Ms. Mary. We hugged, talked in between our, “Good morning” salutations, and of course, I showed her some new grandbaby pictures. Actually, I showed a bunch of people. Mary has the sweetest smile and the sweetest heart to match. Selfie time.

Today’s sermon was about Jesus telling the apostles that God sees everything, knows everything, and watches over us all…

Jesus said to the Twelve: “Fear no one. Nothing is concealed that will not be revealed, nor secret that will not be known.

My take on it, it’s kinda like Santa Clause, “He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake.” Or something like that.

After Mass, a quick trip to Sprouts. Not again! A great sale on fruit and vegetables and nuts that I couldn’t pass up. I’ll share some with Miss Eleanor at Towne Creek and maybe others. Tomatoes 48 cents a pound! That’s crazy cheap! Can you O.D. On tomatoes? Peaches and nectarines and grapes 88 cents. Crazy!

Then, home to walk my little furry friend, Bella. Getting warmer outside. Well, it is Texas after all. Now, all I have to do on this beautiful Sunday is decide what to have for dinner. Maybe a fruit and tomato salad.

I’d rather have friends than wrinkles!

Saturday:) Sometimes You Need To Call A Friend

25 Jun

We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don’t know. 

~W. H. Auden*************

Sometimes you need to call a friend…with power tools….not afraid of ladders and electricity ….and will crawl in your steamy attic when it’s 100 degrees outside. Now, that’s a friend.

My neighbor and good friend, Mr. Mike, (yes, I call him Mr. Mike) was kind enough to install that new RING DOORBELL security system in my house a few months ago. I have the greatest neighbors and friends. I doggie sit for Mr. Mike when he has to travel, and sometimes I’ll pick up some groceries for him if I’m at the store. If I’m out walking, I’ll stop by and take Bella for a walk around the pond. Whenever I need something or have a problem around the house, I just call Mr. Mike and he’s on the computer researching or at my house with his tools.

While I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, for some reason, the RING system stopped working. When I told Mr. Mike about it when I got home, he came right over with his power tools and a flashlight. Yesterday was a very hot day, well over 100 with the heat index, and even Mr. Mike couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the doorbell. It wasn’t getting power. He crawled up in the attic, which was more like an Easy Bake Oven up there. After taking everything apart, removing devices, and spending over an hour testing and sweating,  he went home to investigate possibilities on his computer. 

After ordering a part on next day Amazon and stopping at the hardware store for a new doorbell unit, Mr. Mike came over today and climbed back up into the attic, installed a new transformer, reattached the RING system at the door, changed out the old doorbell system that was broken, and VOILA, I was back up and running.

OK, don’t tell him I was taking pictures of his handy work. (I did ask if his last will and testament was up to date when he was joining the live wires.)

The RING system is pretty cool. It takes pictures of people and motion near your door, even at night. It notifies you on your cell phone or computer, even if you are away. It takes great pictures, doesn’t it? “Hi, Mr, Mike!” (Don’t tell)

The point of the story is, I have the greatest neighbors. I’ve always been blessed with great neighbors who have become good friends. 

Thank you, Mr. Mike. I owe you A LOT of doggie sitting and frozen pizzas. Lots!