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Friday:) MORE Friends and Fun Birthday Celebrations

15 Jan

“Just when I thought I was done, more birthday celebrations . You can never have too many birthdays or too much celebrating.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Yes, yet another birthday gathering with friends. This time, we got to celebrate two. Sherry’s birthday was in November and we’ve been trying to catch up since November. 🤦‍♀️

We had an awesome leisurely lunch at Palio’s outdoor patio. The weather was great, around 70°, and we were the only ones dining outside. Hmmm, maybe we scared them away. (Not really, the place was pretty empty.)
So much laughter and so many presents.
I’m going to have to get an extra room for all my gifts and cards.

(I keep getting these cute gifts that say, “You are Amazing.” I cant imagine why?)

For an added bonus, the grandkids wanted to FaceTime with Grandma this evening. We were playing pretend Cookie Monster and impromptu karaoke, but we had to make up a song. Except for boys. Daddy got to sing Elvis’, “Teddy Bear.”
Another fabulous Friday and never ending birthday. “Cheers!”

Thankful Thursday:) More Birthday Celebrations

14 Jan

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

~Marcel Proust


I certainly have the most amazing and charming gardeners in my life, and my soul continues to blossom and bloom daily. The birthday celebrations continue, with more calls, gifts, texts, and cards arriving everyday. I am truly blessed.

Lots of birthday cards and gift cards.
Great gifts, and who doesn’t love cookies!
Beautiful roses.
Gorgeous jewelry.
Then to make a beautiful day even better, a lovely evening walk, 72°, and a spectacular sunset. Now, you see why I am so thankful and feel so blessed.

Happy Thankful Thursday, and may you blossom and bloom and be blessed.

Wednesday:) Words of Wisdom From My Fabulous Facebook Friends

13 Jan

“I’m always so inspired by reading profound words of wisdom. Now, if I could only follow some of that profound advice.” 🤦‍♀️

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


It’s been a wonderful Wednesday so far. I hope you’re having a great day.

Sharing some Words of Wisdom I’ve found inspiring from my Facebook friends…… There were a lot today. (You know who you are.)

Friday:) From a Frigid Walk to Warm Friendly Folks and Firemen

8 Jan

“To quote my three year old granddaughter, ‘Sharing is caring.’ “

Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


We got zapped with another cold front here in North Texas. The bad news is, it’s not very comfortable walking out there. The good news is, it was another chance to wear my awesome sock monkey hat.

Happy Friday!

Another fun way to keep warm is to bake a bunch of brownies.
Tuesday, when I went to vote at Fire Station 9, I had brought a big bag of snacks for my firemen friends. The folks working the polls were kidding around and said, “Oh, did you bring us lunch?” I told them, “Well, I’ll have to stop by with some brownies one day.” Today was the day.

My friendly firefighterS were all out on a call today, so the kind election officials said they would give them their brownies when they got back.

Firefighter Baas was there Tuesday when I stopped by with my good luck New Year snacks.

Nothin’ says Thank You and Happy New Year in Texas like Dr Pepper, chips, salsa, and my homemade black eyed pea/corn salsa.

Like I said, to quote a wise three year old, “Sharing is caring.”

Happy Friday, my friends. Stay warm.

Thankful Thursday:) Shout Out to All My Friends and Family ❤️

7 Jan

“For someone who writes, blogs, emails, texts, and makes a zillion phone calls every day, I’m terrible at sending out Christmas cards, birthday cards and thank you notes. So, consider yourself thanked! Sorry. Mea culpa. My bad. 🤦‍♀️”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I don’t have many flaws, because I am most AMAZING. But, I’ll admit that one of my only flaws is that I’m terrible at sending the snail mail thank you notes, or Christmas and birthday cards. What makes it even more negligent is the fact that so many of my friends and family members continue to grace me with gifts and cards despite my lack of reciprocation.

To all those who have been so kind, generous, and understanding, I say THANK YOU. You know who you are.

A few of my cards and gifts of unrequited love.

I may not say thank you with pen and paper and an overpriced postage stamp, but I say thank you verbally and from my heart. GRACIAS!

Montage Monday:) A Week in a Back Home Peek

4 Jan

“From home to home, from an old year to a new year, your life is what you decide to make of it. Make is amazing.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


A week in a peek… starting last week in the cold winter of Chicago and returning to the cold of Texas. Sorry folks, I brought the cold back with me.

Happy New Year!

Friday:) Family & Friends & Wishing You a Fabulous New Year

1 Jan

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one!”
~ Brad Paisley


On this last day of 2021, I’m wishing each of you a very Happy New Year.

Looking back at this wonderful, weird, and whacky year, all I can think of is all the amazing people, friends and family who have filled each day with love. Hopefully, you are celebrating with friends and family tonight. Or, if you are like me, sitting in front of the TV in your jammies tonight, I’ll be raising a glass to all of you, wishing you a very Happy New Year.

My iPhone photo app has this cool feature called People & Places. (I’m sure you know that already, but I’m old, and I love these features.) It recognizes faces and places and organizes them, also making short movies. I thought this would be a nice way to share a few of the people who have made my life so “AMAZING.” They may have missed a few faces, and a few are not with us any more, but all of you are certainly in my heart, always.

Another tradition of mine is writing notes, and asking friends to drop a note into my GOOD JAR throughout the year. On New Year’s Day, I read all the notes, reflecting on the blessings and kind words placed inside. I also look at all the lucky pennies and coins that I’ve found. Thus, counting, or should I say, recounting my blessings.

Happy New Year, my friends.

Thankful Thursday:) Feeling Blessed

31 Dec

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

Robert Brault


Today was my first full day being back home after the holidays and birthday celebrations back in Chicago. The first order of business was to stay under the warm cozy covers until the cows came home. Seeing as I had no cows, I got up somewhere after 10 am.

I checked my bare refrigerator in search of some sustenance for the morning, and found none.

I could have had a mustard, mayo, relish, cheese sandwich, but I had no bread. So, I made a cup of green tea, without fresh lemon, and called Helene to catch up after being gone all month. I said I was going to run over to church, sketch a little in the Sanctuary, get something to eat and run to the store. I asked if she’d like to meet me, and she agreed. Off to church on an empty stomach.
St. Gabriel was totally empty, the offices were closed and there was no Adoration. The beautiful bright red poinsettias lined the front steps and flanked the altar. A serene scene.
I lit a candle and put money in the St. Vincent de Paul donation box, as is my tradition. I said my prayer of , “Thank you for Your blessings,” then, I sat alone with my sketchpad and pencil in the complete stillness of the church. (I need to finish the sketch and post another day.)

Helene met me later and we went for a quick taco at NomNom, then off to Tom Thumb to replenish my very sad and empty refrigerator. They had a good sale, and I was in need of a lot.

Now, my fridge is happy. Tomorrow is Friday, so I needed my chocolate almond milk, and a pizza for dinner and spinach. I need my spinach.

I started opening some of my mail, but there were just too many items, so I opened a few bills and such. I opened a package from my friend Mary, from church. She sent me a couple of lovely kitchen towels with a Southwestern theme. Helene gave me a cute towel, too. And somehow, I’m still receiving monthly issues of THE WRITER magazine, from I don’t know who.

Later, I opened the big box that Joe and Lindsay sent me for Christmas. I had to hang it up right away. It is a very appropriate Biblical quote.

I think the Book of Guacamole is somewhere between Psalms and the Book of Paul to the Corinthians. 🤦‍♀️

As you can see, I am very blessed and have much to be thankful for on this lovely Thursday, and just about every day. It’s good to be home, but it’s sad to be away from family.

Happy Thursday, my friends.

Montage Monday:) A Week in a Peek

21 Dec

“When all the dust is settled and all the crowds are gone, the things that matter are faith, family, and friends.”

— Barbara Bush

A busy week in a family and friendly peek…

Happy Monday, my friends.

Montage Monday:) A Week In A Peek

14 Dec

‘It’s not what we have in life that is important, but who we have in life that matters.’


Another exciting week in an exciting peek…

Happy Monday, my friends. 🤗