Saturday:) So You’re Afraid To Go To The Dentist? Do not fear…RED OAK Is Here.

26 Jun

“You don’t have to brush allyour teeth, just the ones you want to keep.” —Unknown


Be honest, are you terrified of going to the dentist, even for a routine cleaning? It never fails, just when you think your teeth are just fine, you get the old, “You have a couple of cavities.” Or, “We’re going to have to do a root canal.” Then, there’s the dreaded, “That tooth needs to be removed and replaced with an implant.”

I’m not sure what scares me more, the fear of a scary painful dental procedure or the thousands of dollars it costs just for one dang tooth and no dental insurance.Personally, I have one tooth that I call my “$10,000 tooth.” It has gone through fillings, a root canal, crowns and an implant. The same dang tooth. I always joke and say, “I think my teeth have put my dentist’s kids through college.” I’m sure you can relate.

After almost 17 years of going to the same dentist’s office and many costly procedures and one too many questionable suggestions, I decided to change dentists. My friend Loretta has recommended her dentist for a few years. He was her neighbor and good friend. Many of our mutual friends have switched over to Dr. Do over at Red Oak Family Dentistry.

My friend Helene went over there last month to register and get an appointment. The earliest availability for a routine cleaning was in September , so I decided I better get my name on the list. I walked in on Tuesday, expecting maybe October or November, when the receptionist said, “How about Friday at 9am?” What? I asked, “This Friday?” She explained that there was a cancellation, so I jumped on it. Wow! Lucky me.

When I arrive on Friday, the staff was very sweet and polite. One lady asked for my drive’s license for ID and asked, “When was your last cleaning.” I replied, “Sometime 2019 B.C., before Covid.” They laughed.

My hygienist, Jessica, was sweet as could be, and talked me through all the X-rays and procedures. I joked around with her, but it was more to calm my nerves than to be funny. (Although, I am very funny.🤦‍♀️) My blood pressure was 156 over 89 when I arrived, which is crazy high for me. Usually I’m in the coma range of 117 over 75. I guess I was still nervous.

Isn’t she cute! Beautiful eyes. A few more jokes and small talk and I settled down.

The examination, X-rays and extensive tests of gums and teeth were very thorough. And, not once did she scold me for not flossing. I was honest and said I only floss on days that start with Q. I be bad. No cavities or significant problems were discovered. (My other dentist ALWAYS found something wrong that needed attention.) When she was finished with all this, about an hour and a half later, then Dr. Do came in for the follow up check.

Isn’t he cute! He also is a parishioner at St. Gabriel and advertises in our church bulletin. Nice! A Catholic dentist. I’m sure we have a special saint for that. We Catholics have a Saint for everything. Maybe Saint Bicuspid? Anyway, he went over every little detail and X-ray result with Jessica. Then, he did his own personal exam. He said I had a few minor things going on, receding gums, overcrowding, etc. , but nothing serious.

So, to make a long story even longer, I highly recommend RED OAK FAMILY DENTISTRY at 5345 W. University Dr. #200, to all my friends, neighbors and total strangers in the McKinney area. Thank you Jessica and Dr. Do.

Yep, I did that. I bet you do too. 🤦‍♀️

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