Saturday Celebration At St. Gabriel’s~ 25th Anniversary

26 Sep

“Life is a celebration. Consider everything that makes you happy as a gift from God and say, ‘Thank you.”
― Francis Lucille


This evening after the 5 o’clock Mass, the parishioners of St. Gabriel the Archangel celebrated their 25th Anniversary. There usually is a church picnic in the fall, but this was a good time to have an anniversary celebration. Dallas Auxiliary Bishop Kelly presided over the Mass, seeing as he was the original pastor 25 years ago, it was an honor for him and the parishioners.

A lot of volunteers and donors provided a wonderful outdoor celebration complete with tents, DJ, fun activities for the kids, free food and drinks. Last Sunday, they announced the reminder… “And free beer and wine, I repeat, free beer and wine.”

Father Don, our Pastor, thanked everyone, especially Bishop Kelly for making St. Gabe’s such a wonderful family.
Bishop Kelly enjoyed visiting his old stomping grounds and talking to old friends. The once small parish he started 25 years ago now has over 4,000 families. And you know those Catholics. They have a lot of kids.
It was nice to run into old friends, and see new faces and families.
Talk about old friends. Fire Station 5 had a truck and EMS vehicle there. I said, “Hi guys, it’s Miss Toni.” The reply was, “Oh, the lady that brings us all the goodies all the time.” The truck was for the kids to admire and ring the bell, and I guess the EMS vehicle was for any medical emergencies or for all those free beer and wine overindulges. (Just kidding?) Catholics don’t drink much…haha.

It was a lovely evening, and I feel blessed to be part of the St. Gabriel Family.

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