Sunday: A Time to “Gather”

29 Jun

I am so blessed with good friends and family…I honestly have been gathering all the words of wisdom and have been applying them to my life. -unknown
Wow! I wish I said that. Wait, I have been living that quote, so, in a way, I have been saying that all along. I have been blessed, I’ve been gathering words of wisdom, “trying” to apply them to my life, but also sharing them with you. (Or y’all, as we say here in Texas, even if we’re born and raised in Chicago.”

My day: out the door before 7am for a 3 mile walk, shower, and off to 9am Mass at St. Gabriel’s. (I was even early, extra prayer time.) Sunday church service is an important time to “gather” and show your appreciation for God’s grace and gifts. Home by 10:15, a cup of tea, emails, phone calls and over to Towne Creek by 1pm to pick up my senior artist friends, Miss Eleanor and Miss Kathy. We met Miss Della over at “GATHER” on the Square.

Gather is a delightful and quaint restaurant that also serves a lovely Sunday brunch. A great place for small weddings, showers, parties, etc. The old brick walls, antiques, and rustic charm provide a peaceful atmosphere for fine dining with friends and family.


We enjoyed a leisurely brunch, and I consumed massive quantities of yummy bacon, eggs, fruit, salad and pastries. Did I mention key lime pie? Yikes! Those of you concerned that I am not eating…rest assured, I have witnesses, I’m eating, I’m eating!
Gather is located at 207 E Virginia St, McKinney, TX
(972) 548-8882

If you haven’t been there, maybe give it a try. A great place to “Gather.” Something new and different.


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