Saturday:) Sights and Sounds

30 Apr

man has an irrepressible tendency to read meaning into the buzzing confusion of sights and sounds impinging on his senses; and where no agreed meaning can be found, he will provide it out of his own imagination.
Arthur Koestler


As I sit and write, the wind is howling and the trees are swaying with an erratic salsa beat.  Must be my Latin blood. The skies are a threatening grey mass outside my window. 

Fortunately, the morning and afternoon were warm with only intermittent clouds. The news said the storms and hail would be rolling in this evening…here they are.

I decided to get a double dose of walking in this afternoon. Instead of one zip-zagging loop around the neighborhood, I took two loops, about 90 minutes. My first fun sighting was a lucky feather on a neighbor’s lawn. Just waiting there for me.

I also have this thing with butterflies, they keep following me around, they greet me outside my door, flying past my face, or landing near my feet. I think that’s a good omen. Right?

Then, a lovely lady bug crossed my path. Good luck all around.

On my walk, I stopped a few minutes to chat with neighbors here and there…thus the 90 minutes. On the last leg of my walk, and my last leg of energy, a few drops of rain plopped on my head, so I walked really fast. But, it disappeared.

I decided that if the storm was going to hold off a while, I’d scurry over to church and light a candle and go to Reconciliation at 3:30 (Confession- in Catholic talk) 

The first glow of a candle under the painting of St. Joseph. It was a good day…”spent with the sights and sounds of beauty, the contemplation of mystery, and the search of truth.”

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