Saturday:) St.Gabriel Feast Day Celebration

25 Sep

“Life is a celebration. Consider everything that makes you happy as a gift from God and say, ‘Thank you.”

Francis Lucille


Normally, I attend Sunday morning Mass, but today I went to Saturday evening Mass because right afterwards was our church picnic. St. Gabriel the Archangel parish has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past 20 years. It is so wonderful to see the diversity of ages and people attending. There are always crying babies, fidgety toddlers, teenagers, singles, big families, older folks, (like me) and walkers and wheel chairs.

Helene met me up at church and we enjoyed the picnic afterwards. A few photos…

We had a selfie with Father Cristian , and Bishop Kelly, the original Pastor, came back for a visit to commemorate the 20th anniversary.
My firefighter friends from Station 5 were there for the festivities.
There were all kinds of games and activities for young and old. (They had beer and wine, too.) Did I mention everything was free? So many sponsors, donations, and volunteers made it all possible.
The children had a great time.
They had a DJ that played great dancin’ tunes. Not many dancers, but I did a little prancin’ around.
The sun had set as we walked back to our cars. You can’t help it be in awe of the majestic statue of St. Gabriel guarding his beautiful church and his
beloved parishioners. Happy Feast Day.

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