Thankful Theme Song Thursday:) Day Moon

26 Feb

” I always used to think of the moon as only an amazing nocturnal gift, but when I see it in the early morning, it affirms my belief that glorious beauty is out there all the time. Sometimes it’s hidden by the light of day or the dark serenity of night, but it’s always there.”
~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Yesterday, I posted about Mindfulness. It’s interesting how being aware of your surroundings, being grateful for your blessings, and allowing yourself to feel, experience, and share everything that life throws at you, good and bad, can bring joy into your life. Mind you, it’s not a euphoric constant state of la-la-land. But, I think starting each day with gratitude helps you with the hurdles. 

I was out walking Bella this morning around 7:30. Right as I stepped out of the front door, there it was. The soft pale moon up against the crisp blue sky. I stood there in awe for a few seconds, then did what I always do…took out my phone to take a picture.

 There it is! How often do we notice the wondrous things around us every day? This morning, I was grateful for the beautiful moon up in the early morning sky. What are you thankful for today? I bet if you sat down and thought about it, you would come up with a long list. I know I could.

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